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Alberta Premier Danielle Smith shared a photo of three men she shared the stage with: author Jordan Peterson (left), Tucker Carlson (middle) and former media mogul , Conrad Black.

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The federal Liberals strongly denounced, Thursday, the meeting between the Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, and Tucker Carlson, one of the cantors of the American extreme right, because of the risk that it poses to the cohesion of Canada.

Ministers Randy Boissonnault, Pablo Rodriguez and in particular Steven Guilbeault, united to criticize the fact that Danielle Smith shared the stage with the controversial Tucker Carlson, Wednesday in Calgary. It was an event that the former star of Fox News organized and took advantage of it to firmly denounce Justin Trudeau and his government.

Tucker Carlson notably sent a message according to which Canada is led by a “dangerous and undemocratic regime”, which would murder thousands of people through medically assisted suicides, and whose prime minister would be a fascist from whom the country should be liberated.

The polemicist was referring in particular to Ottawa's management of demonstrations by truckers who violently rose up against the health restriction measures imposed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For federal ministers, allowing the former television host to make such comments would be tantamount to crossing the rubicond. It is simply deplorable and unacceptable, fulminates Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages.

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We can have a respectful speech in this country, we can bang our fists on the table during a meeting between the federal and provincial governments, it is completely legitimate. But letting a far-right follower come here to try to scare us and incite violence against politicians of all stripes is not acceptable.

A quote from Randy Boissonnault , minister

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Liberal ministers united against Tucker Carlson's remarks against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and members of his government .

Mr. Boissonnault, who is also a Franco-Albertan federal deputy re-elected in 2021 in the constituency of Edmonton-Centre, also believes that through his remarks targeting Canadian political leaders, Tucker Carlson is trying to sow seeds in the country. seeds of division, in particular by anathema to people from the LGBTQ+ community, for example.

The Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, believes for his part that it is no longer a question of wondering whether the politics of the American extreme right are here, because they are [already] here. »

The Minister of the Environment, Steven Guilbeault, is one of the political figures targeted by Carlson. I was personally targeted, but this attack goes beyond me, he analyzes.

It is a manifestation of political violence against anyone in Canada who is engaged in politics, whether at the municipal, provincial or federal level.

A quote from Steven Guilbeault

Like his colleague Randy Boissonnault, Mr. Guilbeault also emphasizes that we can have differences, without inciting violence against people who do not share the same same points of view.

Describing Tucker Carlson as a fallen TV host because he lied publicly, and especially as someone who is one of the people responsible for what happened visited Capitol Hill on January 6 [2021], Mr. Guilbeault believes that sharing a stage with such a person who preaches a message of hatred in Canada is unacceptable.

Alberta New Democratic Party Leader Rachel Notley denounced Danielle Smith and urged her to disavow Tucker Carlson and his harmful rhetoric.

The Premier's actions unfortunately sent a discouraging message about our province to the rest of the world, she said.

At a time when many people, including investors, are calling Alberta their new home, Danielle Smith sat across from a man moments after he promoted of white supremacy and denigrating immigrants.

A quote from Rachel Notley, leader of the NDP

Danielle Smith's presence at the event was criticized in Ottawa, but the premier argued that her goal was to share Alberta's message with Americans, including the strengths of Alberta's energy sector.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">However, it is not certain that his message will be heard in the United States, because attention risks being focused on the controversy arising from Tucker Carlson's conference in Calgary.

The latter is known for having notably declared that immigrants were making his country poorer and dirtier.

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