“Coming into the sport, you agree to accept doping. Another way”: revelations of the Russians

The skier from Russia Polina Yermoshina told about why it is impossible to do without illegal drugs

Russian skier Polina Ermoshina, recently retired, made public statements on the subject of illegal drugs. According to her, now sport without doping just does not exist. Previously the legendary Armstrong admitted, when he first tried dope.

“I am against doping for himself, stated on his YouTube channel the skier Polina Ermoshina. But, going into the territory of professional sports, you obviously agree with this rule, want it or not. Send their children to sport, rest assured: sooner or later there will come a time when you have to solve this question, will accept or not. If you’re not, healthy enough, well if for a year, depends on the sport. Understand why people take performance enhancing drugs, why athletes take. Understand why they are caught. Exactly 50 percent of cases the athlete doesn’t know what doping. Here are the cruel people around us. But there are those who do it on purpose, programme. Coming to professional sports, you obviously agree with it. Now another sport and never will be. The body has a limit far below the results that show in any sport”

"Приходя в спорт, ты соглашаешься принимать допинг. Иначе никак": откровения россиянки

Polina Ermoshina / Photo: Championat.ru

Previously we wrote torossi expect another doping scandal: revealed 36 players with failed tests. One of those who failed the doping test in 2018, is a midfielder, “Krasnodar” Ruslan Kambolov, which has played six matches for the national team of Russia.

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