Comet of the century lit up the night sky and getting ready to explode

A visitor from the outer reaches of the Solar system predict to see earthlings space show, which stretches over a distance of 16 million kilometers

Evgeniy Opanasenko

As you get closer to the Sun, the newly discovered comet SWAN C/2020 F8 became visible to the naked eye. Currently the comet is in the constellation Pisces. Unfortunately for us, to see the comet only in the southern hemisphere. In the night sky it looks like a small dim dot, nothing distinguishable from the other stars.

However, in photographs taken by many astronomers-Amateurs and professionals around the world, the comet has a fuzzy greenish-yellowish head with a curly blue tail with a length of about 16 million kilometers.

See also the story of how the Earth crossed the path of an ancient comet swift-Tuttle:

The comet is moving unusually fast. Maximum convergence with the Earth took place on 12 may and was $ 52 million kilometers. Perihelion SWAN will be held on may 27, when the comet will make a revolution around the Sun and accelerate away from our star back to the outskirts of the Solar system. However, some astronomers believe that the space object may not survive this maneuver, since the strongest gravity and temperature of the Sun can destroy her.

Комета века озарила ночное небо и готовится взорваться

SWAN C/F8 2020 can be seen with the naked eye

“SWAN was seen on two burst of brightness, accompanied by a subsequent drop in activity. It clearly alludes to the explosions on its surface. However, another blast of superheated gas inside the comet will probably not survive and will disintegrate,” explained the Amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo from Australia, who first noticed SWAN C/F8 2020.

Комета века озарила ночное небо и готовится взорваться

The tail of the SWAN C/2020 F8 stretched for a distance of 16 million km

Scientists report that by the end of may, the comet will be visible through binoculars and telescopes in the southern regions of the Northern hemisphere. In order not to miss the opportunity to see this comet, you can try to find it in the sky now.

Комета века озарила ночное небо и готовится взорваться

The position of the comet in the night sky

Earlier, closer to the Earth, an interstellar comet is an alien. And in the early 2020 ATLAS, the comet fell into the Sun.

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