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Colorectal cancer screening accessible on Clic Santé

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Thanks to a very simple and quick home test, we could detect the majority of cases of colon cancer. People will be able to obtain it by making an appointment on Clic Santé.

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Starting Monday, people aged 50 to 74 will be able to have faster access to screening for colorectal cancer, the second most common type of cancer in Quebec. It will now be offered in vaccination centers set up during the COVID-19 pandemic in all regions of Quebec.

Currently used for vaccination and samples, these service points will be used for the first time to screen for a type of cancer. As the test for colorectal cancer is simple and quick to perform, the government no longer saw the relevance of requiring people to obtain a prescription or a request from a family doctor.

Following their registration on Clic Santé, patients will receive an envelope containing this test during their appointment with a nurse at the vaccination center.

The indoor test is not invasive, it is easy to do at home and it does not require great precautions, explains Isabelle Beaulieu, from the Directorate of Vaccination, Screening and Samples at the CIUSSS de la Capitale -National.

The patient can take the sample themselves and return it to the center 48 hours later. The nurse will follow up on the result.

It is a cancer that has no symptoms and grows very slowly, so it is possible to detect early, adds Ms. Beaulieu.

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We want to unclog hospitals and, at the moment, you need a doctor who tells you to go take the test. We also know that there are people who do not yet have a family doctor or who are unable to see one, so we are removing this step, says the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé.

Instead of letting people register for screening themselves, the Quebec Cancer Foundation judges that it would have been more effective for the government to send letters by post to invite them directly to an appointment, as is currently done for breast cancer screening.

With the Clic Santé portal, it will put the responsibility on the people themselves, according to the general director of the Foundation, Marco Décelles, and this risks creating a communication problem.

In a brief meeting that we witnessed between Mr. Décelles and Mr. Dubé, the Director General of the Foundation expressed to the Minister his fears regarding the dissemination of information. Mr. Décelles is concerned that people from certain cultural communities never do this screening because they do not use the Clic Santé portal.

Doing it by letter, I think that’s the next step, replied Christian Dubé. Sending written communications is more complex from an administrative point of view, explained the minister.

Mr. Dubé said he was banking on Clic Santé to avoid delays. Ideally, in the coming weeks or in a few months, I would like us to communicate with all the customers likely to do these tests, he added.

If mass screening for colorectal cancer works well in vaccination and sampling centers, Quebec does not rule out repeating the experience for other types of cancer.

However, screening must also be simple and do not require large devices like those used for a mammogram, for example.

We will see in the coming weeks how things evolve for other cancers. If we can speed up the number of tests for different cancers, we will do it. We will now be able to measure whether we need to increase the staff at our points of service.

A quote from Christian Dubé, Minister of Health

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