Colombians can now travel to Great Britain without a visa: here's what to keep in mind

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The British ambassador to Colombia George Hodgson sent greetings to Colombians and assured that he hopes this change will create more opportunities between the two countries

Colombians can now travel to Great Britain without a visa: this is what you should take into account

Ministry of Tourism

From last Wednesday, November 9, Colombians will have the possibility of traveling to Great Britain without needing a visa. As the British ambassador, George Hodgson, pointed out, citizens will be able to arrive in that territory without a visitor's visa, for periods of up to 6 months. “I hope that this change will create more opportunities to enjoy the great offer of the and to strengthen the ties between our two countries,” said the official. From that same day, Peruvian citizens will have the same benefit, as revealed by the British ambassador to Peru, Gavin Cook.

“The United Kingdom is one of the main partners of Colombia, as evidenced by its unrestricted support for the implementation of the 2016 Peace Agreement and its significant contributions to the protection of the environment, in particular the Amazon,” he stressed. decision of the Foreign Ministry in this regard.

It was on the night of last November 9 when the first flight, under these conditions, to the United Kingdom left Colombia. “Now The first flight from Colombia to the United Kingdom leaves without the requirement of a visa, which will facilitate tourism and exchange between the two countries”, commented, through his Twitter account, at 9:13 p.m., Arturo Bravo, Deputy Minister of Tourism.

From today Colombians travel without a visa to Great Britain

In an interview with RCN News, ambassador George Hodgson, explained that this is “great news, an important decision and as with all important decisions, they require some reflection, thinking about the opportunities and also the risksand that's what we did, we've been working on this for quite some time”. In that same dialogue, he explained that the regulations must be taken into account, because, although a visa will no longer be required, there is no complete freedom either.

“All the information is available in the UK Government website so that any Colombian who wants to visit the UK can understand exactly what is and is not allowed. At the moment we are talking about a change of tourist visas, of visitors”, he said, explaining that, for example, the visa requirement for people who want to study or work there has not been lifted.

It should be remembered that the measure of not requiring a visa for Colombians to enter the United Kingdom was announced by President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, on October 17. “I thank the United Kingdom for its decision to remove the tourist visa requirement for Colombian visitors”, he commented through his social networks.

Colombians can now travel without a visa to Great Britain: this is what you should take into account

Visa-free travel for Colombians to the United Kingdom

The requirements that Colombians must meet to undertake this trip, according to the Foreign Ministry, are:

1. Have a passport. This is the basic requirement to leave the country and the UK authorities will request it upon arrival.

2. Have sufficient financial resources to pay for your trip. You will be asked to prove that you have the necessary funds for yourself and your dependents.

3. Solvency to pay for your return trip or to continue your journey to another country.

4. Guarantee that you will not stay in the UK permanently or that it will be your main residence through frequent visits.

5. Demonstrate that he will leave the country when his visit is over

It was last October, when the Colombian ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo, announced that the Government had already had verbally suggested to the North American country eliminate the visa requirement for Colombian tourists. The request was confirmed that same month.

“The decision of the United Kingdom to eliminate the tourist visa for Colombians is great news. It is the result of a long and judicious process. On the other hand, we have already formalized a similar request to the US Government in order to eliminate this same type of visa (…) the proposal not to require tourist visas from Colombians in the US It will become a reality in the future, this will strengthen the ties of brotherhood of our peoples in conditions of equality and within the framework of our special strategic relationship that turned 200 years old,” the ambassador wrote on his Twitter account.