Colombian soldier goes viral for talking about the food he receives during military service in the United States

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The young man, in addition to his 'unboxing' section, also referred to the daily life of the military in the North American country

Colombian soldier goes viral for talking about the food he receives during military service in the United States

Colombian soldier in the ranks of the United States

Social networks have served to make different situations and experiences go viral. In the case of the Colombian soldier, Alejandro Hurtado, TikTok has been his platform through his account @ trillzdiamond7 show users what it's like to serve in the military in the United States. What has most caught the attention of his followers is food, since daily he shows how it is a priority for the North American country to give them balanced food and that it helps them maintain the necessary energy in this type of scenario, among these are: healthy snacks , Gatorade, cheese among others.

“It's a chimba. It tastes good, ”he commented in one of his videos, where he was having lunch what he described as a special dish made up of meat tacos, creamy cheese, raisins with nuts, accompanied by rice and beans. In addition, to drink Gatorade.

In another video he showed the snacks they receive: “They give us some snacks , like some pizza cookies. We continue with a little piece of bread, something chimbita, and powdered Gatorade, but this time grape. Then we have a cheese that comes as a cream”, pointed out the soldier.

In addition, he revealed the way in which they can heat food, despite not having the traditional methods at hand, in this sense, the United States Army gives them a special bag, where the food is entered, for later add water and wrap it in a cardboard.

“One puts the food in this bag, he pours water on it and puts it on this cardboard. That heats up there with a chemical reaction”, explained the Colombian; and he added: “After a while we took the food out of there, as I told you I don't like to eat hot, so I didn't let it heat up well. Now we are going to eat”.

In his account, he also told the reason why he is serving in the North American country, assuring that it is because he has dual nationality: “I have dual nationality: I am an American and Colombian citizen. For the simple fact of being an American citizen I can join the Army as if nothing had happened.”

In this sense, he assured that if any Colombian wants to be able to be at the service of the US institution, they must at least have residency: “First of all, they must have US residency, the Green Card“. p>COLOMBIAN SOLDIER ON TIKTOK

The stories of Colombian soldiers in other parts of the world have been released several times. That of another Colombian abroad was that of Alexis Castillo, who was an active soldier in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and died at the end of October.

Castillo, would have started his military life in Spain, but since 2014 he moved to the area of ​​Russia and Ukraine, where he professed anti-fascist ideas and against imperialism; In the war he decided to be on the side of the Eurasian country. The version about the death of this Colombian suggests that he died in the middle of a fight in that region, after fighting for several years and not exceeding three decades of life. Since the Euromaidan coup in Ukraine, Castillo already had knowledge and the attitude to arrive in that country, since he wanted to “defend the population of Donbass”, in said population he would have left a son.

“Alexis, he is a Colombian who died in Donbas; His revolutionary ideas, perhaps wrong, perhaps not, led him to this war with open eyes. A young man who wanted to be a revolutionary has died. The revolution is Peace. This will not appear in our media,” President Gustavo Petro said of Castillo's death.