Colombian anesthesiologist detained in Brazil is accused of several sexual crimes

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According to the authorities of the neighboring country, the subject had videos and images on his cell phone of the crimes he perpetrated on his patients, as well as images that relate it to abuse of minors

Colombian anesthesiologist detained in Brazil is accused of various sexual crimes

Andrés Eduardo Oñate captured by Brazilian authorities

A new case of abuse and violence sexual assault exercised by a Colombian alerts the region's authorities. After a month of investigation, the Brazilian justice system managed, on January 16 in the morning hours, to capture a doctor Colombian for being allegedly responsible for sexual abuse of women during surgical procedures.

Colombian-medical anesthesiologist detained in Brazil is accused of various sexual crimes

Guaviare Prosecutor's Office requests answers for cases of sexual exploitation of indigenous minors “paragraph”>According to the preliminary information of the case, the doctor, whom the local media indicate, was recognized as Andrés Eduardo Oñate, 32, although it should be noted that this information has not been confirmed by the authorities; he was detained at his place of residence located in the Barra Tijuca neighborhood, in the west of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The modus operandi of the alleged abuser consisted of using his profession to be able to leave his victims defenseless, that is, he took advantage of the fact that in surgical procedures he was in charge of anesthetizing the women, so that after they were under the effects of the medication, he proceeded to abuse them and record the humiliation that he committed to his victims. Apparently this would have occurred both in the network of public hospitals and private hospitals in that country.

Colombian anesthesiologist detained in Brazil is accused of various sexual crimes< /p>JEP orders the Government to recognize as victims minors recruited in the armed conflict

During the arrest procedure, the Brazilian Civil Police found other elements that would link Oñate not only to the abuse of his patients, but also to “production storage” of pedophilia images:

“More than 20,000 files with images of sexual abuse of children and adolescents were found on their electronic devices.”

The seriousness of the crimes for which they are accused increased with the use of minors and has surprised the authorities, because in the aberrational images that were found, even babies under one year of age can be seen.

“The analysis of the material drew attention due to the seriousness and number of files, which even included babies with less than a year of life,” added the statement from the authorities of the neighboring country, who assured that despite the capture of the accused, the investigating the situation and looking for the corresponding evidence on this case.

In April 2022, a similar case was registered in Colombia. According to information from the Colombian authorities, the doctor Diego Humberto López Loaiza who was part of Metrosalud, was captured when he was at one of the Centro Día headquarters, for being accused of abusing two patients in 2021 at the Manatial de Vida Health Center, located in the Blanquizal neighborhood, in the northwest of < b>Medellín.

Colombian anesthesiologist detained in Brazil is accused of various sexual crimes

The United States denies knowing allegations of alleged sexual abuse of girls by a military member of that countryLocal authorities must submit a report on the situation of minors in the region to the Attorney General's Office


According to what was mentioned at that time by the authorities, the subject's victims would have been a lactating woman and a minor who had to receive medical help due to the effects that both women suffered.

It is noteworthy that the doctor was linked to an investigation initiated in the Valle de Aburrá Provincial Attorney's Office, for which he was transferred to work in which he had no contact with women while he managed to find the evidence against him or clarify the situation; however, once the accusations were verified, the authorities proceeded to immediately capture him. In this investigation it is read that the decisions made “tend to make effective the special and prevailing nature of the rights of children and adolescents”.

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