Colombia beat Brazil 3-1 in South American Volleyball and qualified for the 2022 World Cup

September 20, 2021 by archyde

Colombia vs. Brazil disputed the last date of the South American Women’s Volleyball 2021. The Colombian team, led by Amanda Coneo, made history in Barrancabermeja, as they defeated the Brazilian team 3-1 in a great match, which allowed them to access the World Cup Netherlands and Poland 2022, although it was not enough to win the contest.

With the public on their side that did not stop encouraging them, those led by Antonio Rizola from the first set came out with the slogan of winning the match. The Colombian sextet took the lead in the first game 25-19. In the second set, the match got closer, but Coneo and company beat the Brazilians 25-23. Coach José Roberto Guimarães did not lower his arms easily and in the third set his team, led by Carol Gattaz, beat the hosts 26-24.

Colombia tied Brazil with nine points, but the rival performed better throughout the tournament. Photo: Panam Sports

Despite winning 2-1 and with a guaranteed ticket to attend the next World Cup, Colombia went for more and in the fourth set they could defeat the current Tokyo 2020 Olympic runners-up 25-23, with great display of their players Yeisy Soto and Ivonne Montaño. The podium of this South American was with Brazil, champion and gold medal, Colombia (silver) and Argentina (bronze).

Colombia 3-1 Brazil: relive the point to point

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Live: Colombia vs. Brazil

Colombia beat Brazil 3-1 and is the new South American champion.

Colombia champion! The coffee team defeated Brazil 25-23 in this set and managed to win its first South American title and obtain the qualification for the Netherlands and Poland 2022 World Cup.

Ivonne Montaño manages to block the Brazilian mate and the board is 22-22

Point to point between both selections. There is no clear dominator in this set. The board is in favor of Colombia 16-16

Colombia turns the game around for the Brazilian team 12-11

Brazil have a slight advantage of two points over the local team: 11-9

Amanda Coneo scores the tie and the score is 5-5

Ivonne Montaño scores the first point for Colombia in this fourth game.

Brazil manages to beat Colombia 26-24 in the third set. The overall score is 2-1 in favor of the coffee team.

Colombia ties the board 24-24 and wants to achieve 3-0 against Brazil.

Brazil led by Carol Gattaz wants to keep this set. The Brazilian cast wins by 21-17

Ana Karina Olaya shortens Brazil’s lead: the score is 15-14.

The Brazilian team once again take advantage on the board by 14-12.

It is tied by Colombia that came from behind on the scoreboard: 9-9

Colombia begins to discount and is now one point away from a tie: 9-8

Carol Gattaz scores the seventh point for Brazil. 7-3 the Brazilian team beats the locals

The Brazilian team is winning 5-2.

The third game started. Colombia and Brazil draw 1-1

Historical! Colombia wins the set and manages to qualify for the 2022 World Cup for the first time in its history. The coffee team beat Brazil 25-23.

Brazil ties Colombia 23 – 23

Colombia is three points away from winning the set. A victory in this game would allow them direct access to the 2022 World Cup in the Netherlands and Poland.

The scoreboard tightens: Colombia now wins 20-18 against Brazil

Antonio Rizola asked for technical time. Brazil begins to get closer on the scoreboard: 18-15

Margarita Martínez converts point 18 for the local team. The board is 18-11

Rosa Maria discounted for Brazil and now they are four points behind the tie: 14-10

Yeisy Soto scores and overtakes the Colombian team by 13-8

José Roberto Guimarães, coach of Brazil, asked for technical time. Their leads fall 10-7.

Amanda Coneo scores and the match is 8-7 for Colombia

The coffee team leads the board by 6-5.

Colombia ties the score 3-3

Amanda Coneo scores Colombia’s first point in this set

Brazil begins by taking the initiative. Win 2-0

Colombia won! Those led by Antonio Rizola take the first set 25-19 against the Brazilian cast.

Dayana Segovia blocks strong and is point 23 for Colombia.

The Colombian team still maintains its slight advantage that brings them closer to staying with the first set: 21-18

Brazil is close to tying the game. Colombia wins now only by two points: 19-17

Brazil begins to discount, but the locals try to stretch their advantage further. The score is 15-9.

María Alejandra Marín makes a perfect block and Colombia stretches its lead by six points: 11-5.

The game was restarted. The coffee group wins 9-5.

The Brazilian coach, José Roberto Guimarães asked for time and asks his team for calm.

Colombia takes advantage and is winning 7-4

The match starts point by point and they are drawing 2-2. The local public begins to cheer very hard.

Colombia and Brazil already play for the South American Volleyball Championship 2021

Colombia vs. Brazil: match sheet

GameColombia vs. Brazil:
When do they play?Today, Sunday, September 19
What time?8.00 pm (Peru and Colombia), 10.00 pm (Brazil)
On what channel?DirecTV Sports, Win Sports

What time do Colombia vs. Brazil?

In Colombian and Peruvian territory, the game between Colombia vs. Brazil will start at 8:00 pm (10:00 pm in Brazilian time).

  • Colombia: 8.00 p. m.
  • Brasil: 10.00 p. m.
  • Ecuador: 8.00 p. m.
  • México: 8.00 p. m.
  • Perú: 8.00 p. m.
  • Bolivia: 9.00 p. m.
  • United States (Miami, Washington DC, New York): 9.00 pm
  • Paraguay: 9.00 p. m.
  • Venezuela: 9.00 p. m.
  • Argentina: 10.00 p. m.
  • Chile: 10.00 p. m.
  • Uruguay: 10.00 p. m.
  • Spain: 3.00 am (Monday 20).

The final match of this South American Volleyball 2021 puts the ball on the court of the Colombian team to define the second place for the Netherlands 2022 World Cup. The locals must beat Brazil, which has already secured the first ticket to stay with the classification.

Colombia recovered from the defeat against Peru with a 3-1 fight (25-19, 15-25, 27-25 and 25-23) against Argentina for the last date. With that victory they reached six points, which could be converted into nine, an unattainable score for the gauchas, as long as they prevail over the difficult Brazilian sextet.

Colombia depends on itself to qualify for the World Cup. Photo: Inderba

What channel does Colombia vs. Brazil?

For South America, DirecTV Sports has the broadcasting rights of Colombia vs. Brazil. In the Colombian region, the duel can also be seen on the Win Sports signal.

  • Peru: DirecTV Sports
  • Ecuador: DirecTV Sports
  • Mexico: DirecTV Sports
  • Costa Rica: DirecTV Sports
  • Colombia: Win Sports, DirecTV Sports
  • Chile: DirecTV Sports
  • Brazil: DirecTV Sports, SportTV
  • Uruguay: DirecTV Sports.

Where to tune in Colombia vs. Brazil via DirecTV Sports?

If you want to see the Colombia vs. Brazil from DirecTV Sports, tune into the following channels on your DirecTV operator:

  • Argentina: canal 610 (SD), canal 1610 (HD), canal 4000 (4K)
  • Uruguay: canal 610 (SD), canal 1610 (HD), canal 4000 (4K)
  • Chile: canal 610 (SD), canal 1610 (HD), canal 4000 (4K)
  • Perú: canal 610 (SD), canal 1610 (HD), canal 4000 (4K)
  • Colombia: canal 610 (SD), canal 1610 (HD), canal 4000 (4K)
  • Ecuador: canal 610 (SD), canal 1610 (HD), canal 4000 (4K).

How to see Colombia vs. Brazil ONLINE?

The transmission of the Colombia vs. Brazil can be followed online from the DirecTV GO and Win Sports ONLINE signal, DirecTV and Win Sports streaming services where you have access to the programming of these channels. In case you cannot enter any of them, you have the option of following the ONLINE coverage of La República Deportes.

Where do Colombia vs. Brazil?

The Argentina vs. Colombia will be the Luis Francisco Castellanos de Barrancabermeja Youth Coliseum, located in Colombia.

Recent history of Colombia vs. Brazil

  • Colombia 0-3 Brazil | 01.09.19
  • Brazil 2-3 Colombia | 10.08.19
  • Colombia 2-3 Brazil | 09.07.18
  • Colombia 0-3 Brazil | 19.08.17
  • Brazil 3-0 Colombia | 02.10.15.

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