Colombia and the United States unite their troops and form the Binational Vanguard Army of the South: what this new force consists of

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The two countries are working at the Tolemaida fort to strengthen the tactical and social assistance component

Colombia and the United States unite their troops and make up the Binational Vanguard Army del Sur: what this new force consists of

Colombia and the United States unite their troops and form the Binational Army of the South. Photo: National Army

Colombia and the United States reunited their armies in national territory, this, within the framework of the strengthening of strategies that allow the two countries to work on the development of tactics and dynamics of military effectiveness. This alliance has been extended over the years, however, for the third time in a row it is done in the coffee country.

This union was called the Vanguardia del Sur binational exercise, in which Colombian and American troops join forces and carry out various tasks at the Tolemaida fort, the main base of the coffee command. The main idea is that aspects such as communications, aviation, logistics, human rights, disaster prevention and even bilingualism have greater progress and predominance among the uniformed.

Regarding this issue, the National Army highlighted in its statement that it has been working permanently with the United States, this type of experience is focused on the technical and tactical component of the military, because according to what is established, it is sought that quickly, both troops can improve.

The National Army noted:

“This exercise is part of a series of actions that are carried out permanently between the two countries, which allow strengthening alliances and sharing experiences in terms of doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures, as well as continuing efficiently and dedicatedly the training according to the standards of the best armies.”

In this 2022 the third edition of this day is celebrated, because for two weeks, the troops of the Army South of the United States and the Colombian soldiers seek the planning of tasks that boost the security factor between nations. It is important to bear in mind that on this occasion, work will be done to strengthen the concept of humanitarian assistance and attention to natural disasters.

“For two weeks, troops from both armies will promote the exchange of capacities to contribute to regional security and increase the capacity to plan, prepare, execute and evaluate combined exercises not only with the United States, but also with the armies of the region, in order to raise the standards that allow responding to a crisis in humanitarian assistance or in case of natural disasters”, the Colombian Army pointed out.

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In the same way, progress will be made in the Women, Peace and Security seminar , seeking the predominance of the female gender in military life, in addition to the empowerment of women and their commitment in the framework of institutional development.

“Within the framework of this training, the Women, Peace and Security seminar will be held, a scenario where the role of women within the institution will continue to be strengthened and the empowerment, capacities and challenges assumed by each one are projected. of them in favor of fulfilling the mission.”

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It is important to bear in mind that the United States lands in several countries of the region with the men of the southern troop, for the formation of the Binational Army, however, Colombia has been one of the the nations that have played the greatest role.

Although a tense relationship between Colombia and the United States was expected with the arrival of the new government, the progress of this component has been evident, since even , Petro and Joe Biden have already had the opportunity to cross paths on some occasions in international forums.