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Collected more than 5 million: DOROFEEVA and Misha Lebiga presented a joint song

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr18,2024

>> DOROFEEVA and Misha Lebiga/YouTube

The famous Ukrainian singer DOROFEEVA and blogger Misha Lebiga recorded a joint track “And I cried all the time”. To present the clip, they made a broadcast on the Twitch platform, where they broke the record for the number of viewers.

In addition to the presentation of the track and the joint stream, DOROFEEVA and Misha Lebig raised more than 5 million hryvnias for the military and victims of the attack in Chernihiv. Watch the stylish video “And I cried all the time” on YouTube.

“And I cried all the time” – a romantic-ironic track that became the leader of streaming platforms in just one night. The lyrics of the song were written by several well-known artists, including DOROFEEVA and Lebig themselves, as well as Misha Katsurin and producer Ivan Klymenko.

In the composition, an important and very relevant topic was raised – an incredible amount of hate on the Internet. Many people forget that what they write sometimes has a very strong effect on the people who read it.

The authors want this track to be a reminder that it's better online to embrace and support each other than to keep spewing insults and anger.

DOROFEEVA admitted that the idea of ​​a joint track appeared suddenly. The performers recorded the song separately, each one their own part, but when the composition was completed, it turned out to be a real hit.

Somewhere at the end of January, I came back to this idea and started thinking about what this song could be. When Misha asked if we were doing it, he was very surprised that it was not a joke. We wrote the song with our main composition. And Misha finished his part already in the studio – it's his improvisation. In general, everything happened very easily. There are times when a song appears instantly, on feelings. This song is just like that, it has some kind of magic, – said DOROFEEVA.

The theme and sound of the song are not similar to Nadia Dorofeeva's work. In the clip, the artist was dressed in an elegant look – a shiny minidress, a latex red suit and a blue dress-combination. Instead, the blogger was in his usual role: black glasses and black clothes.

According to Lebiga, he enjoyed filming in the clip and cooperation with DOROFEEVA and would like to repeat this experience.

Collected more than 5 million: DOROFEEVA and Misha Lebig presented a joint song

DOROFEEVA and Misha Lebig

To present the joint track, the artists streamed on the Twitch platform. The broadcast of the stars broke the records of the Ukrainian-language platform, as a total of 57,000 viewers watched the stream in one and a half hours. The performers managed to collect 5.4 million donations, and DOROFEEVA and Lebig sent 100,000 hryvnias each for collection.

57,000 viewers, a record for Ukrainian Twitch, 5 million hryvnias were collected, 50% on AZOV, 50% in Chernihiv. I have a shock! You guys are incredible 5 million in 1.40 minutes! – emotionally commented on DOROFEEVA's stream.

Collected more than 5 million: DOROFEEVA and Misha Lebig presented a joint song

DOROFEEVA and Misha Lebig/Instagram

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