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Collapsed tunnel in India ;: help near the 41 trapped workers

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Rescue teams hope to soon reach the forty workers trapped since November 12.

Agence France-Presse

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Indian rescue teams are reached within five meters of the 41 workers trapped since November 12 in a road tunnel which collapsed in northern India, the chief minister of the state announced on Tuesday. Uttarakhand.

A steel pipe wide enough to allow the passage of men has been inserted 52 meters inside the tunnel, and it should pierce [the rubble] at 57 meters […] The rescue operation is expected to be completed soon, Uttarakhand state Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami told reporters.

After repeated setbacks, military engineers and miners are working manually to break through rock and rubble to free the final stretch and reach the men imprisoned for 17 days.

A team of three people take turns digging and inserting the last parts of the steel tube just wide enough to allow a man to pass through, and allow the workers to evacuate.

When one digs, a second removes the debris by hand and the third places it in a cart which then reaches the exit, explained Rajput Rai, a drilling expert, cited by the agency Press Trust of India.

The men must also cut through a tangle of metal rods that obstructs their progress.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Since the tunnel collapsed on November 12, rescue efforts have been complicated and slowed by falling debris and successive breakdowns of drilling machines, crucial machinery to rescue the workers.

The men have survived for more than two weeks thanks to the delivery of air, food, x27;water and electricity through a conduit through which an endoscopic camera was introduced. This camera allowed their families to see them last week, for the first time since the tunnel collapsed.

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