Code Quebec tries to decipher the Quebec people

Code Quebec tries to decipher the Quebec people

Who are Quebecers today? This is the question that will try to answer a new documentary series broadcast on Télé Québec from tonight, the Quebec code.

The series takes as its starting point the book Quebec code by Jean-Marc Léger, Jacques Nantel, Pierre Duhamel and Philippe Léger released in 2016 and of which an enriched and updated edition is coming out this month. In this book Léger asked “more than 1000 questions to Quebecers, Canadians and Americans” in order to discover all the nuances.

Through the episodes the host Dave Ouellet (MC Gilles) and the pollster Jean-Marc Léger will try to deconstruct the image of the Quebecer by trying to draw “a clear, concrete, complete, but above all not complacent, portrait of thehomo quebecensis“.

Quebec code will be broadcast this evening, Friday at 6:30 p.m. on Télé Québec.

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