CNN: Ukrainian military wants to liberate Kherson by the end of the year

CNN: Ukrainian military wants to liberate Kherson by the end of the year

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 CNN: Ukrainian military wants to liberate Kherson by the end of the year < /p>

A week after the start of counter-offensive operations, Ukrainian troops are making progress in the south. Their goal is to return most of the Russian-occupied Kherson region before the end of this year, according to CNN.

It is noted that last week there were the most large-scale Ukrainian ground offensives since the beginning of the Russian invasion. According to a senior US official, the US watched Ukrainian forces achieve some success in attacking Russian supply lines with the intention of cutting off and isolating the occupiers, who are now stationed west of the Dnieper River.

Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder noted that ongoing offensive operations by Ukrainian forces were observed in the Kherson region. He also added that the US is aware of the Ukrainian liberation of some settlements.

According to Ukrainian officials, the goal is to seize at least all the territory north or west of the Dnieper, including not only the city of Kherson , but also Novaya Kakhovka, where a hydroelectric power station is located, as well as a canal that supplies water to the Crimea.

At the same time, Ukrainian forces stepped up attacks in eastern Ukraine to prevent Russia from moving forces south to repel a Ukrainian counteroffensive there. In recent days Ukrainian forces have advanced towards Russian supply lines south of Kharkov, liberating several villages and towns in the process. Russian units to focus on a single point.

U.S. officials acknowledge that Ukraine's goal of recapturing Kherson by the end of 2022 is ambitious, but remains feasible if Ukraine continues to make progress in its current operations.

The current advance is expected to last until spring, with some of the attacks intended to prepare the battlefield for a planned offensive over the next few months. their release is not reported so as not to subject them to strikes by the invaders.
Earlier, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the liberation of two settlements in the south and one in the Don etsk region.

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