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YG 20 Clubhouse Gold Rush? The success of the social network fuels the sale of .club domains - The Times Hub

Clubhouse Gold Rush? The success of the social network fuels the sale of .club domains

Clubhouse Gold Rush? The success of the social network fuels the sale of .club domains


Jason Steinhauer arrived at Clubhouse in August last year, when a few thousand users populated the audio social network . "In the early days, I was surprised by the appetite for historical knowledge in the conversations I joined," he recalls. This discovery led him to found the platform's first history-focused club, History Club, which now has 30,000 followers and brings together hundreds of people for its weekly colloquia. Less than a month after landing on this forum, Steinhauer spoke with one of the first investors in the app – who has already surpassed $ 100 million in funding -: “He told me that Clubhouse had the potential to become a very successful platform. older and encouraged me to expand the History Club ”. The next day he bought a domain: .

The extension of his page is especially appropriate for this social network, where users can group themselves into thematic clubs from which to organize their conversations: the famous The Good Time Show, which had as invited to Elon Musk, is on ; the lullaby community uses , the technology trends forum Talk Nerdy To Me is on , the YoYo conversation aggregator is on … Even the application itself uses the domain as a point input for new users. It is a casual affinity that for CLUB Domains, the American company that has managed this extension since its creation, in 2014, it could be a lottery. "The only way to describe it is absolute pandemonium, " celebrated Colin Campbell, founder of the company, in a tweet published on January 16, after breaking a record of sales and records. In the same thread, the businessman admitted he did not know the reason, but pointed to the existence of "a new social network called Clubhouse." Now the corporate website is a tribute to the platform: "Use your .club domain to connect and disconnect from the Clubhouse application, the new most popular social network in the world", proclaims.

On the day of the "pandemonium", Campbell communicated 7,401 registrations and 469 premium sales in 24 hours. The former involve the creation of previously non-existent websites and for which one pays, without an offer, about 15 euros per year. In the premium category are domains of special interest – short and with keywords – that have been reserved by registers or previously bought by investors in the hope of selling them at a higher price. On January 31st, the premium domain sold for $ 8,000 on GoDaddy. If we wanted to buy we would have to pay more than 1,600 euros . "I would not have considered paying so much," says Steinhauer.

From IONOS , a domain registrar with an international presence, they confirm the growing popularity of the extension: between December 2020 and January 2021, registrations have increased by 80% and the pace holds for February. “We are seeing a substantial increase in searches for the term club and, accordingly, an increase in registrations of more than 70% month over month. This leads us to believe that the increase in active users will significantly improve the visibility of the .club ”, explains Ulrich Retzlaff, domain expert at IONOS.

Building or Speculating

Another factor that is contributing to the renewed notoriety of this extension are the conversations themselves in Clubhouse. Andrew Alleman recently denounced in the specialized portal DomainNameWire that "questionable advice" was pushing inexperienced investors to put their savings at stake. With more than a decade of experience in the sale of domains, Morgan Linton , agrees that a good part of the increase in sales comes from the recommendations that are being made on the social network: “Then the people who invest comment so much on Clubhouse like on Twitter and creates additional buzz. " In his opinion, it is a risky bet, since it is a small market where past successes have been more in the construction of websites with this extension than in the sale of domains. For now, Linton points out, buying a .club domain may be a good idea for those who are launching their own page, but those who decide to invest in a portfolio with which to speculate could well make the same expense in a gambling house.

"Is the time for the .club?" asked Campbell on January 23rd. According to Xavier Idevik, marketing director MrDomain is early to say whether we are dealing with an unexpected golden age. In their statistics, the new records also show a notable increase – in this case of 50% – for January and similar trends in February. But the expert warns of the volatile nature of this family of extensions: "Those that are not the typical .com or .es do not have such fixed trends." On the one hand, the high demand expected by those who are investing in this extension for subsequent resales may never come. On the other hand, it could come, but in the form of a passing fad. “The last big launch we had was with the .app extension. At first there was a lot of hype — boom — but then it stabilized ”, recalls Idevik.

In the domain market, fads that affect the part of the web address that goes before the extension are more frequent. Retzlaff gives an example of the increase in records that included the term Blockchain . But in the recent history of the Internet there have been other illustrious surnames. Idevik stakes the case of domains associated with specific countries that once launched have found new meanings. The .io, belonging to the British Indian Ocean territory, is the preferred extension of startups ; Montenegro's .me abounds in personal pages because of its meaning in English —me—, and it is common to find Colombia's .co in company pages, as a diminutive of company.

For Linton, the situation of the previous ones is not comparable now The same with that of the .club to which he prescribes at least one year of cooking to prove its potential or fall apart: “If Clubhouse becomes popular and there starts to be a consistent demand, prices could go up. This has changed the dynamics of the market, but it is still too early to know if it will go from being a good extension on which to develop to a good extension on which to invest ”. If things don't work out, a story as old as the Internet will repeat itself: “When the new extensions were launched, most did not meet investors' expectations. Many lost a lot of money ”.

In spite of everything, the .club domain is no stranger to success . In its beginnings, it became the most registered newly created extension. “They achieved a huge market share thanks to their very centralized focus on clubs,” explains Idevik. If the forecasts of those who see Clubhouse as the next great social network are fulfilled and this becomes the extension par excellence for the tribes that inhabit it , they would have a second chance. But not everything are advantages. "It would be normal to see an increase in impersonation and fraud attempts as part of these phenomena," warns Retzlaff.

Windows that overlook the Clubhouse

patio Given the sonorous and ephemeral nature of the content that is poured into Clubhouse, it is common for collectives also seek to establish themselves outside the platform, with web pages or accounts on different social networks. “It is common for me to meet people during a History Club event in the Clubhouse and then resume the conversation via Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin. Direct messaging of those applications allows people to know me and find opportunities to collaborate , "says Steinhauer.

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