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Clown Day in Peru: Residents seek official recognition of the holiday

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

clown in Peru/AP

Hundreds of disguised clowns traditionally paraded in Lima, the capital of Peru. They strive to achieve official state recognition of their professional holiday.

Each year, the clown parade in Peru takes place on May 25. AP informs about the details of the event.

Participants in the colorful event can win prizes for the best costumes, make-up, performances and improvisation.

Peru has Lawyer's Day, Ceviche Day and we also want Clown Day because it would open us the possibility of support from the state and municipalities, said Marcos Chininin, known by the clown nickname Chalupa.

According to Chininin, official recognition will give clowns access to state funds and places for performances under supervision of municipalities and local communities, and will also open up the possibility of creating schools for teaching clown art.

Peru Clown Day: Residents Seek Official Holiday Recognition

Peru Clown Day/AP

Members of Parliament have not yet discussed the proposed bill on the creation of a holiday. According to 42-year-old Chininin, about 200,000 people in Peru work as clowns, in particular at children's events and in the circus.

57-year-old clown Miguel Ara Stein also took part in the action. under the pseudonym Chuchurro: in his opinion, the establishment of the holiday would also be a recognition of the talents that clowns must possess.

You must have a knack for acting, charisma, and be able to improvise. We are all born for something, and making people laugh is a gift, he said.

Clown Day in Peru: Residents seek official recognition of the holiday

Clown Day in Peru/AP

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