Clinic Elena Malysheva, the court threatened the publication of Samara for the false article about the delay of salaries

Media from Samara disseminated by the information that at the clinic, Elena Malysheva two years of delayed salaries. The medical establishment is threatened court publication, which first published this information.

Клиника Елены Малышевой пригрозила судом изданию из Самары за неправдивую статью о задержке зарплаты

The situation is commented head of the clinic of Elena Malysheva, Andrey Voynov. Because of the published article conducted an internal review and determined that this information is not true. First about the delay of salaries in a medical facility wrote in the publication Samara correspondents about the problems reported by the ex-the chief of a call center. According to her version, the money was not paid because of the frequent change of the names of the clinic. Andrey Voynov called these words false. The clinic is a legal entity, which operates under the brand name of Elena Malysheva. It operates according to the standards of the franchise. During the inspection, the school has provided financial statements. It turned out that the delay in wages to staff at the hospitals.

The medical facility will officially present the awards edition from Samara and demand refutation of false information. If the media refuses to rehabilitate clinic Elena Malysheva in the eyes of the readers, the guide will apply to the court to recover reputational costs. This publication reports Nation News.

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