Clem season 11: shooting, plot, broadcast … the first info on the rest

Clem season 11: shooting, plot, broadcast … the first info on the rest

Clem season 11: shooting, plot, broadcast ... the first info on the rest

Clem season 11: shooting, plot, broadcast … the first info on the sequel While the last two episodes of season 10 of Clem are broadcast this Monday, September 28, 2020 on TF1, the shooting of season 11 has already started! Broadcast, plot, return of certain characters, new actor … discover the first info on the rest of the series with Lucie Lucas, Agustin Galiana or Joséphine Berry.

A release in spring 2021?

Because of the coronavirus and the confinement, season 10 of Clem was slow to arrive on TF1. Viewers will discover the finale this Monday, September 28, 2020 and the good news is that season 11 is already official since filming began around September 10, as Agustin Galiana said in an interview with PRBK: ” We're still shooting at the same time as the broadcast of the series.

The six new episodes should arrive in the spring of 2021 if all goes well: ” We want to stay on a usual schedule as much as possible. Obviously we do not have control over these things, and we have all lived a very special year which forced all the programming to revise things. But as much as possible, the niche that seems most suitable for Clem is spring. So potentially, it could make a good year for viewers, with two seasons less spaced than usual. They waited a long time for season 10 but with a little luck they will wait less time to discover the following season “, entrusted the artistic producer of Clem to Allociné.

A former Household Scenes star at the casting

Season 11 of Clem welcomes an ex-star of Household Scenes: it is Loup-Denis Elion. He will play the role of Matthieu Colina, ” a tenor of the bar, as witty as he is implacable in business, specializing in fathers' rights. He comes back to Cheynouville for a mysterious reason “.

Returning characters

In season 10 of Clem, you met Rachel (Juliette Arnaud), Nathalie (Cristiana Reali), Amélie (Karina Testa) and Clara (Marion Seclin). If you enjoyed these new characters, you will be delighted to hear that they will be back in the new season: ” They are characters that we want to see evolve within the tribe “, explained the producer. artistic.

On the other hand, do not expect to see old characters again: ” We love what has been done on the series during the first 8 years, we are very proud of it, but we also know that to continue we must renews constantly and that we look forward. So we made the choice not to be in nostalgia.

A less dramatic plot

After a dramatic season 9, with the death of Caroline (Victoria Abril) and Clem's coma, and a season 10 engaged, season 11 will be a little more joyful: ” Season 11 is heading in a quite different direction since we is going to go back to something more in the original DNA of the show. With a lot more room for offset and comedy, without being in the farce. It felt like seasons 9 and 10 had allowed us to make the shift for the character of Clem, “said Vanessa Clément.

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