Clem season 11: Fred back? The producer responds

Clem season 11: Fred back? The producer responds

Clem season 11: Fred back? The producer responds

Clem season 11: Fred back? The producer responds Season 10 of Clem ended on Monday, September 28 on TF1 with the conclusion of the plot around Fred and the accident of Clem and his mother. Unless … While season 11 is already filming, the artistic producer of the series, Vanessa Clément, confided in an interview that the “end” reserved for the character played by Guillaume Faure was almost different and revealed if it was possible for the character to return in the sequel to the series with Lucie Lucas and Agustin Galiana. Warning, this article contains spoilers on the end of season 10.

It's official: a season 11 of Clem is in preparation and even already in filming (find out everything we already know about the sequel). Several characters presented in season 10 will return in the new episodes … but what about Fred (Guillaume Faure)? In the finale of the 10th season, the character reported himself to the police to protect his nephew, who was really responsible for the accident that claimed the life of Caro (Victoria Abril). An end that seemed to suggest that the character will not be on the program for the sequel.

Guillaume Faure back in the role of Fred?

And yet, a return of Fred is not 100% impossible if we are to believe Vanessa Clément, artistic producer of Clem . In an interview given to our colleagues from Allociné, she mentioned a possible comeback of the character. “ Nothing tells you that it's definitely over. As long as the characters are alive, nothing is ever completely closed. But hey, this love story is not easy, it would be complicated for them. to be able to live with the assassin of his mother, it is not won “she confided. It is sure that it will be very difficult for a happy-end …

Fred's ending was almost different

In her interview, Vanessa Clément also explained that the end reserved for Fred was very nearly different: as Allociné explains, the writers first thought about leaving a suspense around this plot at the end of season 10 before to opt for a real conclusion. ” We hesitated, and at the same time we really had the impression that this chapter had to be closed. That we weren't going to spend four seasons revolving around Caro's disappearance. That it was time for that. Clem to grieve and to be able to project into the future. ”She explained.

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