Clem: a cult character will make a comeback in season 13

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Clem: a cult character will make a comeback in season 13

It's one of TF1's great successes. The Clem series is soon entering its 13th season. Launched in February 2010, this fiction follows the life of Clémentine Boissier, played by Lucie Lucas. Pregnant at 16 in the first episodes, the latter can no longer abort. She will therefore have to give up the carelessness of her youth to raise her child, surrounded by her loved ones. Over the seasons, the character has evolved a lot. And he also had to deal with the difficulties of life, such as the death of his mother, Caroline, in season 9.

It was the Spanish actress Victoria Abril who played this role until 2018. The latter had also told the magazine Télé Star the pain she had to leave the series Clem: We spent eight years together. It's not like a movie where we spend three months shooting. There, it's a whole slice of my life that disappears […] I have a huge baby blues. To try to overcome my sadness, I do laughter therapy. I can't talk about it any more or I'll start crying.” Died in a car accident, the character Caroline therefore seemed to have definitely left Clem for good. And yet…

Victoria Abril back in Clem for the final season

Guest on Europe 1 in the show Il ya pas qu 'a life in a life, Victoria Abril has made a revelation that should delight fans. She announced that on the occasion of the 13th season soon to be broadcast on TF1, she was going to make her comeback in Clem. But then, how were the writers able to reinstate the character of Caroline, who died tragically five years earlier? Apparently, Victoria Abril will reappear instead in moments of flashbacks. A good way to pay homage to her character who, according to the actress, had been a little “badly sent” at the time. Especially since this thirteenth season of Clem should be the last… Fans should therefore be happy to find those who made the success of the series for this grand finale.