Clearest UFO photo ever released

Clearest UFO photo ever released

Closest UFO photo ever posted

Kelvin's photo hasn't been public in 32 years /Mirror

Normally, UFO pictures are very fuzzy, blurry, and pixelated, often making it difficult to recognize unidentified flying objects (UFOs). But recently, the clearest photo of a UFO, believed lost for over 30 years, has been released.  This was reported by The Mirror.

The picture, called the “Kelvin photo”, shows a massive diamond-shaped object in the sky and what looks like a British BBC Harrier jet in the distance.

Ufologists describe the image as “the world's finest UFO image”. It was discovered after years of research by academic and journalist Dr. David Clarke.

The photo, along with five other shots, was taken on 4 August 1990 by two hikers on a hillside near Calvin, about 60 kilometers northwest of Perth in Scotland.

Tourists, whose faces are unknown, reported that observed a metal object, about 30 meters long, which hovered with a low buzz for about 10 minutes, near which fighter jets flew. Then the object quickly took off into the sky before disappearing.

After the shooting, the photographs were handed over to the Scottish newspaper Daily Record, which then handed them over to the UK Ministry of Defense. For unknown reasons, these photos were never published, and the Ministry of Defense did not respond to a request at all. For unknown reasons, the military department is holding a case about surveillance classified until 2072.

Dr. Clarke, curator of the National Archives UFO files project and assistant professor at Sheffield Hallam University, managed to find the photo after they contacted former RAF press officer Craig Lindsay.

The clearest UFO photo ever released

Craig Lindsay (left) and David Clark holding the famous photo< /p>

Mr. Lindsay kept a copy of the original photo as he was the liaison between the press and the Department of Defense. He still had the original envelope from the Daily Record, and inside was one of Kelvin's photos.

< p>Despite the mystery surrounding the image, some believe it was an experimental American aircraft, Project Aurora, as the Department of Defense suspected. This hypersonic aircraft was rumored to replace the SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft.

The clearest UFO photo in history published

Illustration of the Aurora project aircraft

Prepared by: Sergey Daga