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Electricity Regulations ; clean: Alberta brandishes its law on sovereignty

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Danielle Smith plans to move up a gear in her battle with Ottawa over the proposed electricity regulations own. (Archive photo)

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The conflict between Alberta and the federal government over the proposed clean electricity regulations is set to escalate as the province decides to follow through on its threats and invoke its sovereignty law. Details are expected during the day on this subject.

Last August, Ottawa announced its draft regulation on electricity under of which all electricity produced in Canada must come from wind or hydroelectric power by 2035. Otherwise, the generation source must have carbon capture technology.

In the wake of this announcement, the federal Minister of the Environment, Steven Guilbeault, warns that Ottawa will not give preferential treatment to Alberta, a province which still largely depends on fossil fuels, particularly natural gas, to produce electricity.

Rebecca Schulz, her provincial counterpart, then responded by denouncing an unconstitutional, irresponsible and unrealistic regulatory project that the province, she promised, would not apply.

Danielle Smith takes the same tone: “These regulations will not be enforced in Alberta, period. »

The Alberta Premier believes that the federal clean electricity project will make investments in new natural gas power plants impossible, she says , the province desperately needs.

She also argues that this project will put the reliability of Alberta's power grid at risk and lead to massive increases in electricity bills. /p>

To avoid this scenario, the province then undertook an eight million dollar advertising campaign in order, she explains, to make Albertans and Canadians aware of the effects of the new federal project and to force Ottawa to review its plans. p>

In this context, Danielle Smith said on Saturday that she had had enough of this situation and that she was going to announce, on Monday, her plans for use the Provincial Sovereignty Act.

This text, which came into force last year, authorizes Alberta to reject federal laws and rules that appear prejudicial to its interests.

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