Clashes between ultras, Barbano's thesis (Corriere dello Sport) on La7: “How many of them take the basic income and have finished their studies?”

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The Playlist A7

Singular thesis presented at Coffee Break (A7) by the co-editor of Corriere dello Sport, Alessandro Barbano, on the clashes that took place yesterday between Napoli and Roma fans on the A1 motorway, between Monte San Savino and Arezzo.
The journalist, in addition to invoking control of ‘digital democracy’, denounces: “I wonder: how many of these gentlemen have completed their studies and how many of these gentlemen enjoy citizen's income? I understand that it is a bit of a provocation. aggressive but I'm curious to understand – comment – because here is the heart of the problem. This type of violence is faced with education and work. These are the fruits of the parasitic and welfare democracy with which the State governs a part of the South“.