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City of Edmonton declares homelessness emergency

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The city council chambers were almost full Monday afternoon.

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After three hours of deliberation, Edmonton city council approved by nine votes to four a motion by Mayor Amarjeet Sohi to declare an emergency over the housing and homelessness crisis.

The decision comes after criticism of the City in the way it has managed the homelessness situation in recent weeks. Councilors Sarah Hamilton, Tim Cartmell, Karen Principe and Aaron Paquette opposed the statement.

The plan, which will be put into action on January 30 , includes the creation of an intervention group to mobilize the community. It will include volunteer groups, Indigenous elders, and municipal resources.

We're often told this, but community is essential to creating social change, explains Amarjeet Sohi.

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Amarjeet Sohi has been Mayor of the City of Edmonton since 2021.

The Edmonton Mayor's Office presented an action plan totaling $15.4 billion over 10 years.

LoadingAn Estrie union affiliated with the FAE advises its members to reject the agreement

ELSEWHERE ON INFO: An Estrie union affiliated with the FAE advises its members to reject the agreement

The first step will be to meet with federal Housing Minister Sean Fraser and provincial Social Services Minister Jason Nixon to find a solution to this serious and unique problem.

The Mayor defends the Municipality's actions by explaining that the council spent $183 million this budget cycle on affordable housing.

On Tuesday, half of the councilors spoke passionately about the need to change the way the City deals with homeless people.

Councillors Karen Principe and Tim Cartmell disagreed with the idea of ​​declaring a housing and homelessness emergency, explaining that they agree with all other proposals, including appealing to Ottawa.

The mayor, recalling that he himself was part of a low-income household, declared that as a government, we have failed [homeless people].

Public Interest Alberta CEO Bradley Lafortune criticizes the amount of time the city took to call the meeting: While the government waits , people are losing their lives in the streets.

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Bradley Lafortune maintains that homeless people remain our neighbors.

According to him, declaring an emergency situation is only the beginning, because the City does not have enough resources to solve the problem on its own.

The next step is for the three pillars of government to sit down to find a specific solution to protect our homeless neighbors .

A quote from Bradley Lafortune, Executive Director, Public Interest Alberta

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Around thirty people listen to a traditional indigenous song.

Since the end of December, the municipal government has dismantled homeless camps with the help of the Edmonton police. These measures were denounced by various organizations, and these criticisms led to Tuesday's emergency declaration.

The municipal council also confirmed that he will meet members of the provincial government, including Minister Jason Nixon. The office of the Minister responsible for Social Services explained that it will present an action plan to the council during the meeting.

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