Citizens of civilized countries helped Russian oligarch bypass sanctions – USA

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Citizens of civilized countries helped a Russian oligarch bypass sanctions - USA

Russian, part-time Swiss , Vladislav Osipov and Briton Richard Masters helped Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg avoid European sanctions.

According to the US Department of Justice, these citizens helped to hide the involvement of the oligarch in the ownership of the Tango superyacht, a 77-meter yacht worth $90 million.< /p>

It is alleged that Osipov acted as Tango's property manager and developed a complex shell company ownership structure to hide the Russian oligarch's ownership of the yacht.

In turn, Masters ran Mallorca, Spain a company that allegedly took over the management of the yacht after Vekselberg fell under US sanctions.

U.S. prosecutors allege that Masters conceived a scheme to use the yacht's fake name Fanta to hide from financial institutions that US dollar payments ultimately went to Tango and Vekselberg. As a result, US financial institutions allowed hundreds of thousands of dollars to be transferred to Tango.

The defendants also contributed to Tango workers continuing to do business with US companies in defiance of the sanctions regime. It was about both the maintenance of the yacht and the provision of luxury attributes – in particular, satellite television and Internet communications.

At the request of the United States, Masters was arrested in Spain on Friday, while a warrant for the arrest of Osipov has not yet been issued . The US Department of Justice does not indicate where the Russian may be now.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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