Church Taxes: Katherine Miranda Will Reintroduce Bill

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The representative also referred to the 'defeat', saying that 'blackmail won', referring to the alleged 'threat' of some congressmen from not approve the tax reform if this tax is included

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Taxes on churches: Katherine Miranda will present a bill again

The congresswoman is one of the political figures who has insisted the most on including taxes on churches in the tax reform. Photo: @mirandabogota

After it became known that the tax on churches did not enter the final text of the tax reform that was reached after the conciliation between what was approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives, the representative of the Green Alliance and promoter of the tax, Katherine Miranda, announced, through social networks, that she will not give up on her purpose and will present again the bill to tax churches.

“He who does not do it is defeated keep trying. I will file a Tax Law Project for churches. Tax justice must be a reality in Colombia,” Miranda wrote on Twitter.

Church taxes: Katherine Miranda will resubmit bill

The representative also referred to the 'defeat', saying that 'blackmail won', referring to the supposed 'threat' of some congressmen not to approve the tax reform to include this tax on churches.

“He who doesn't keep trying is defeated. I will file a Tax Law Project for churches. Tax justice must be a reality in Colombia (…) I deeply regret to inform you that the tax on churches has been removed from the conciliation. Blackmail won. I will continue, even if it is alone, fighting this fight in Congress. Thanks to the citizens for their support”, declared Miranda after the conciliation.

For her part, Senator Clara López, a member of the Accidental Conciliation Commission, explained one of the reasons why it was decided to eliminate the tax in the text that was reconciled:

“ It was excluded because, being a fundamental right, it corresponds, by statutory law, to a technical committee between the Ministry of the Interior and the Dian, which must address this sensitive issue through that lane, ”said Senator López, as quoted in Semana.

For his part, Senator Gustavo Bolívar, before the elimination of article 15 of the text of the reform became known, wrote on Twitter that, with several exceptions, “an abusive is a shepherd who enriches himself by instilling fear of God”.

“Manipulating faith for financial gain should be a crime. Why don't they pay taxes if they are non-profit entities? stated the senator of the Historical Pact that predicted the elimination of the tax on churches.

It is worth remembering that in recent days the inclusion or elimination of the article that taxed churches was the protagonist of controversies, because during the conciliation, according to what representative Miranda denounced, several congressmen would have conditioned the approval of the tax reform to the elimination of the article, due to pressure from the lobby of pastors in Congress.

“I am watching a parade of pastors lobbying Congress for my church tax. I ask the Government of Gustavo Petro to support my initiative, which was approved in the Chamber, and has great citizen support. Let's show that we are the change”.

In fact, congressmen from the same government party would be asking that said initiative be definitively buried, to the point that all articulated could end up completely sinking.

“Didn't churches already pay taxes? Didn't they get rich at the expense of tax benefits? How low and mean to shake the Tax Reform for a fair proposal. I knew that it was not easy to face one of the greatest powers in the country ALONE,” Miranda explained.

The movements that would be against are: the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party, Radical Change, Historical Pact, Green Alliance and the Democratic Center.