Chrome Vulnerability, Internet Restrictions and Other Cybersecurity Events

Chrome Vulnerability, Internet Restrictions and Other Cybersecurity Events

Vulnerability in Chrome, Internet restrictions and other cybersecurity events

We have collected the most important news from the world of cybersecurity for the week.

  • Government restrictions on the Internet in 2022 cost the economy $ 10 billion, experts calculated. 
  • Apple announced Lockdown Mode to protect users from spyware
  • Chrome developers released an unscheduled update fixing a 0-day vulnerability.

Report: Internet restrictions in 2022 cost the world economy at $10 billion

Top10VPN researchers have calculated that various restrictions on the network by governments in 2022 cost the global economy $10.1 billion.

The most serious cases of Internet restrictions were recorded in the Russian Federation. They are associated with the blocking of almost all the world's most popular social networks. The outages cost $8.78 billion.

Chrome vulnerability, internet restrictions and other cybersecurity events

Data: Top10VPN.

In total, analysts recorded 54 cases of Internet restrictions in 16 countries this year. In total, since 2019, various Internet shutdowns have cost the economy more than $27 billion.

Russia without internet. How to bypass censorship and blocking

Apple introduces additional user protection against spyware

Apple has announced a new Lockdown Mode feature designed to protect users from the spread of spyware.< /p>

It will be implemented in the fall in iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura. It is primarily aimed at users who may be potential targets of various spyware, such as journalists and human rights activists.

When working in Lockdown Mode, most types of files in messages, except for images, are blocked, and previews links disabled.

In addition, Apple will provide $10 million in grants to support cybersecurity initiatives focused on spyware research.

Former Facebook employee says there is a protocol that allows employees to recover data deleted by users , allowing employees to recover data deleted by users. Bloomberg writes about it.

According to him, employees of the social network can “bypass Facebook’s privacy protocols” by extracting information from Messenger “that users have chosen to delete.” Lawson noted that this violates EU digital data privacy rules and the Federal Trade Commission's requirement for Facebook to accurately inform users of data retention policies.

The protocol was primarily used to provide information to law enforcement, he added.

Chrome releases unscheduled update fixing 0-day vulnerability

Google developers have released an update for the Chrome browser. It fixes a zero-day vulnerability that is already being exploited by cybercriminals.

Roskomnadzor blocked Swisscows secure email service

In Russia, access to Swisscows secure email service was restricted. Roskomnadzor stated that false reports about mining were allegedly sent through it.

Swisscows is known as a search engine that does not store user search queries. In 2022, the company launched its own privacy-focused VPN and email service.

AstraLocker ransomware stopped working. Operators Publish Decryption Tools

AstraLocker ransomware operators have announced they have ceased operations and published decryption tools. Reported by Bleeping Computer.

One of the malware operators told reporters that «the fun always ends sooner or later». He added that he would stop running ransomware and switch to cryptojacking.

Also on ForkLog:

  • The Solana-based Crema Finance protocol stopped operations due to an attack. Later, the hacker returned most of the stolen funds.
  • Unidentified people hacked into the British army's Twitter and YouTube accounts to promote a crypto scam.
  • Hackers put up for sale a database that allegedly contains information about a billion Chinese citizens, for 10 BTC.
  • In the first half of 2022, attackers stole almost $2 billion from crypto projects, analysts calculated.
  • The media learned about the use of spyware in the attack on Ronin.

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