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Christine Labrie will still talk about women «&nbsp ;exploited »

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Christine Labrie, solidarity MP for Sherbrooke

The Canadian Press

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Solidarity MP Christine Labrie intends to continue talking about the exploitation of public sector workers at the Salon Bleu, even if the President of the National Assembly, Nathalie Roy, added the words “exploit women” to the list of unparliamentary remarks.

The president can make the decisions she wants, but that doesn't solve the situation that our schools operate exclusively because there are women who work unpaid, launched Ms. Labrie in a press scrum at the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The supportive MP does not think she is a victim of censorship. I will continue to say that there are women who feel exploited when they work in public services, she continued.

Last week, Christine Labrie provoked strong reactions at the Salon Bleu by asserting that three quarters of the people who work in our public services are women. Why does the CAQ persist in exploiting them? She then clashed with the President of the National Assembly, who twice asked her to withdraw her remarks.

It wasn't a stunt, it was an MP who spoke from her heart about the condition of women in Quebec.

A quote from Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire

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I understand that the CAQ did not like to hear that . […] If the CAQ finds the word "exploitation" exaggerated, that's his problem. This is not an acceptable situation and what my colleague Christine Labrie did was to name this experience, he added.

Let us specify that words deemed unparliamentary are not completely prohibited at the Salon bleu.

The presidency has full latitude to interpret and qualify the remarks made by a .e deputy having regard to the circumstances. There are no absolute criteria. The presidency's judgment depends on the nature of the remarks and the context in which they were made, indicated the spokesperson for the Assembly, Béatrice Zacharie, by email on Friday.

As for the remarks made by the member for Sherbrooke, it is the assertion that the government is exploiting women whose presidency demanded the removal, she said added.

The National Assembly prohibits in particular an elected official from attributing unworthy motives to a colleague, from using a violent language, making threats or making seditious remarks.

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