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Christine Labrie in solidarity with Catherine Dorion, after the publication of his book

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MP Christine Labrie came to the defense of her former colleague Catherine Dorion.


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One week before the election of a new co-spokesperson at the head of Québec Solidaire, Sherbrooke MP Christine Labrie speaks out on the storm caused by the publication of the collection Les têtes burned by her former colleague Catherine Dorion.

We always feel a little guilty that someone we love was in such a distress and we haven't seen him before, she says.

The former member of Taschereau recounts in her book her feeling of discrepancy in the dynamics of the National Assembly. A difficult reality that wore her out in the battles she wanted to lead.

It's the story of a woman who almost lost her flame by trying to light that of others, in the heart of “a hurricane,” wrote Christine Labrie on her social networks.

We go there to defend ideas in the National Assembly, and when we don't succeed in getting them to understand these ideas, it's always very confronting.

A quote from Christine Labrie, MP for Québec Solidaire

In her collection, Catherine Dorion did not hesitate to criticize the media. An environment with which elected officials must juggle on a daily basis. The media are the cause of many worries, and also a tool on occasion, admits Christine Labrie. She confirms that politicians are not always satisfied with media coverage.

What's difficult is when people think that we decide what is written in the newspaper. Which is never the case, she continues.

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In her book “Les têtes brûlés”, Catherine Dorion looks back on the many obstacles encountered during her four-year mandate as an MP.

Several pages of the book Les têtes brûlées are devoted to the tense relationship between Catherine Dorion and the co-spokesperson for Québec Solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. According to Christine Labrie, the criticisms of the former MP are rather constructive, while the political party is going through a period of reflection for the future.

Catherine's comments are timely for us to integrate all of this for the future.

A quote from Christine Labrie, Member of Parliament for Québec Solidaire

The main lesson she takes away from her reading is to never assume that people are strong enough to face the adversity they go through. To always take the time to take care of them because it's true that together we are stronger.

Book by Catherine Dorion: Christine Labrie says she feels “guilty”

Although the confidences of her former colleague touched her, Christine Labrie emphasizes that the collection did not influence her perception of politics. I know in which ecosystem I have decided to spend my energy for the next few years, she says.

Yes, I know that it x27;is difficult. It will continue to be so. We will work together to change the system, adds the member for Sherbrooke.

With information from Marie-Ève ​​Lacas


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