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Christine Labrie does not intend to leave the ;stop her in her political journey

Christine Labrie joins forces with Émilise Lessard-Therrien.


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The day after the victory of #x27;Émilise Lessard-Therrien as co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire (QS), the member for Sherbrooke, Christine Labrie, believes that her ideas sown during the campaign will continue to germinate within the party. “I am convinced that I did not do that for nothing,” she said in an interview with Téléjournal Estrie.

The member for Sherbrooke was defeated in the first round. I knew that I was putting forward ideas that were brewing a little within the party and which called certain things into question, agrees Christine Labrie.

I knew I was running a risky campaign. I did it because I found it important to share my strategic vision of things so that we could take power and form the government.

A quote from Christine Labrie, solidarity MP for Sherbrooke


The message I received from the members at the end of the week was that they really appreciated the ideas that I had put on the table during this race- there and then they found a way to have all three of us by electing Émilise.

And I am sincerely delighted that for the first time we have our history in Québec solidaire a spokesperson who has both feet firmly anchored in the region. Émilise is a person that I admire enormously and she is a friend that I am happy to have found again.

A quote from Christine Labrie, solidarity MP for Sherbrooke< /blockquote>

Christine Labrie put less emphasis on the theme of sovereignty during the campaign, unlike her opponents, Émilise Lessard-Therrien and Ruba Ghazal.

I sincerely have no regrets in this campaign, I was honest, I delivered the bottom line my thoughts.

The member for Sherbrooke says she enthusiastically supports Émilise Richard-Therrien.

According to Christine Labrie, the fact that the new spokesperson not being elected to the National Assembly brings certain constraints, but also many opportunities.

Dr. Mélissa Généreux, medical specialist in public health and ex-candidate for Québec solidaire (QS) in Saint-François in 2022, maintains that she is disappointed for Christine Labrie because she took a huge amount of time, effort and effort. effort and energy in this campaign.

But if I am disappointed for the future of Québec solidaire? Absolutely not! I always said that we had a happy problem because we had three excellent candidates and that, whatever the outcome, we were going to be happy.

A quote from Mélissa Généreux, public health specialist and former candidate for Québec solidaire

Mélissa Généreux was one of the approximately 600 members of Québec solidaire to vote last weekend for the future co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire. She mentions that there was enthusiasm for the different applications and hesitation and heartbreak because all the applications were interesting.

However, she specifies that she felt a certain enthusiasm for the candidacy of Émilise Lessard-Therrien during the congress. According to the medical specialist, the duo formed by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Émilise Lessard-Therrien will be quite interesting since the two co-spokespeople will complement each other well.

Professor of political and strategic communication in the Department of Communication at the University of Sherbrooke (UdeS) Emmanuel Choquette says he is surprised that Christine Labrie found herself in third position. The three candidates had good chances, they ran a fairly dynamic campaign. But that Christine Labrie did not pass the first round, although she performed well, comes as a certain surprise, given the support she had in particular among QS deputies.

One of his hypotheses is that the party wanted to make an anti-establishment vote.

On wanted to return to the formula of having a non-elected person, at least outside the National Assembly, more on the ground. Perhaps we also wanted to have someone who had ideas that were a little more at odds with so-called more traditional politicians.

A quote from Emmanuel Choquette, professor of communications politics and strategy at the Department of Communication at the University of Sherbrooke

He adds that Émilise Lessard-Therrien highlighted the fact that she came from a remote region during the campaign. The professor says he is curious to see how the left will break through in the region.

With information from Thomas Deshaies

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