Christine and the Queens: big surprise on her new album, fans will hallucinate

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Christine and the Queens: big surprise on her new album, fans will hallucinate

Christine and The Queens has a nice surprise in store for her fans.  Christine and The Queens unveiled a title for their new album, which will hold many surprises such as a collaboration with Madonna.

Christine and The Queens have just released a new track called To be honest. For the clip, the singer is dressed in her traditional black costume and is on an English beach. It’s the first single from her forthcoming album, Paranoia, Angels, True Love. The singer describes her album as “the second part of an operatic gesture”in a press release. Christine and The Queens also reflected on the creation of Redcar, the character that she ultimately decided not to keep.“Redcar was an extravagant and absurd character navigating his dreamlike madness”, confided the singer.

The singer went on to explain, “It’san open-hearted transformation, a prayer for the So< em>i”, she continued. Composed of twenty tracks, the album was co-produced with Mike Dean, on which several major artists were invited. There are three tracks Angels crying in my bed, I met an angel and Lick the light out, with Madonna. A real surprise for fans of the artist.

Christine and the Queens is surrounded by Madonna

Madonna is a big fan of the singer J love his music. What I like is that she gives the impression of not attaching importance to the gaze of the other. She has style!“, she confided in Le grand journal in 2015. And to continue:“She is an absolutely incredible dancer. She's just plain cool“, she concluded. For her part, the singer is very admiring of Madonna: She is a woman who has managed to have a lot of different facets without having to choose, she had revealed in the columns of Dazed. To discover the album, you will have to wait until June 9th!