Christian Horner ended Checo Pérez's displeasure with Verstappen

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Red Bull's chief mechanic clarified the controversy and assured that Max Verstappen will help the Mexican win the runner-up spot

 Christian Horner ended Checo Pérez's displeasure with Verstappen

Christian Horner assured that Max will help Checo in the last race (Photo: REUTERS/Geer Vanden Wijngaert)

One race from the end of the 2022 season of Formula 1, stability within Red Bull was fractured after the denial of Max Verstappen when asked to give up sixth place to Sergio Pérez. Despite the fact that the indication came from the chief mechanic, Verstappen refused, which angered Checo.

>Christian Horner ended the discussion to make it clear that the team is already focused on the last race of the year in order to achieve the primary objective, a double in the drivers' championship.

Once the Brazilian Grand Prix had concluded and both drivers offered their versions to the press, Horner met with Checo, Max and Helmut Marko to discuss what had happened. And it is that within the team they had already foreseen such a scenario, so it was not the first time they discussed it.

 Christian Horner ended Checo Pérez's displeasure with Verstappen

Checo Pérez said that because of him Max is a two-time Formula 1 champion (Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Perez Gallardo)

In the conversation with the team members, Horner explained to the Sky Sports microphones that Max Verstappen will collaborate with Checo< /i> Pérez for the Mexican to win in Abu Dhabi since they reached an agreement that the Guadalajara is the priority in this last competition.

Without revealing the details of the conversation or what Max or Sergio said, Horner noted that at the end of the day the two runners ironed out and reconciled.

“I won't go into what we discussed behind closed doors. The drivers have discussed it and have shaken hands, and we are absolutely focused on the next race”

According to Horner, the talk they had helped them discuss internal situations and each one expressed their point of view around the end of the season. So they came to the conclusion that they will look for the runner-up for the Jalisco so that he can displace Charles Leclerc in the final ranking.

With the result added by the Ferrari driver, Checo and Leclerc were tied on points with 290 respectively< /b>, but the Monegasque climbed to second place in the championship for having a better position in Brazil than Pérez, so the final result will be known in the United Arab Emirates on the Yas Marina Circuit track.

“We discuss these things internally, the drivers have obviously talked about it as well. They are very, very clear. For us Checo is now level on points with Charles.Ferrari did not swap cars and we are going to Abu Dhabi as a team to do our best so that Checo< /i>get that second place and Max will totally support you,” Horner said.

 Christian Horner ended Checo Pérez's displeasure with Verstappen

Horner assured that at Red Bull no one is superior (Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Perez Gallardo/Pool)

Finally He stated that no one in the team is superior, so everyone works together and that is how they will close the season since their goal is a double in the drivers' championship, a historic achievement for the team, consequently acknowledged the importance of both riders .

“No, we work as a team, we run as a team. Our goal and priority is to see if we can get Checo to finish runner-up. It's something we've never achieved as a team and Max has also promised that we will do everything we can in Abu Dhabi to achieve it. So it's a straight fight between Checo and Charles, and if Max can help in any way, he will