Christian Eriksen escapes death: The footballer victim of a heart attack in full match of Euro 2020 …

The world of football almost knew a new tragedy on Saturday, June 12. On the lawn of Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, while the first Group B match between Denmark and Finland was being played, Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed just before half-time.

Victim of a malaise whose exact causes have yet to be determined, the 29-year-old attacking midfielder remained motionless on the field, while caregivers tried to revive him. Meanwhile, the 16,000 people present in the compound were overcome by silence, fear and fear, fearing the worst. His teammates, most of them in tears, gathered around him, to support him and to hide the scene.

Finally the good news arrived and the Danish star woke up leaving the lawn before being taken to hospital. “If Christian Eriksen had not been taken care of quickly, he would have died”, according to cardiologist Laurent Chevalier interviewed by theTeam. If the meeting was interrupted, according to UEFA, the Inter Milan player, joined by his partners in video, would have asked his partners to continue the match. Scheduled for 6 p.m., the opposition was able to resume at 8:30 p.m. And it was finally Finland that won (1-0).

In an official statement, the Danish federation wanted to give news of Christian Eriksen, this Sunday, June 13. “This morning, we spoke to Christian Eriksen, who said hello to his partners. His condition is stable, and he is still hospitalized for further examinations.”, can we read, while various testimonies have ensured that he had never had the slightest problem related to the heart before. “The national team and staff have received help and will continue to be united after yesterday’s incident. We want to thank everyone for the warm messages sent to Eriksen from the fans, players , English and Danish royal families, international federations, clubs etc. Everyone is encouraged to send messages to the Federation, and we will ensure that they are passed on to Christian and his family “, concludes the press release.

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