Chris Hemsworth’s longtime trainer shares his biggest health and fitness secrets

Zoochi credited intermittent fasting for helping Chris Hemsworth drop the extra kilos

Tinseltown’s biggest hunk Chris Hemsworth’s fitness secrets are now out in the open, thanks to his trainer, who is sharing how the Marvel star achieves his godlike physique. 

Luke Zoochi, the personal trainer of the Thor star, gave away all the secrets to the actor’s fitness, while chatting with Insider. 

The fitness guru said he was particularly proud of Hemsworth when he lost weight to play a sailor after a shipwreck for the film, In the Heart of the Sea.

“Everyone thinks of him in Thor, being big and muscly, but this was the big accomplishment for me. It was a huge challenge for us,” he said.

He went on to credit intermittent fasting for helping the Aussie hunk drop the extra kilos. He also added that the popular diet technique is now his preferred strategy for weight loss.

He shared how exercise was proving to be not enough for Hemsworth’s role and that is where intermittent fasting came in.

“We implemented intermittent fasting, along with lower calories, and it was crazy how much that worked,” he said. 

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