Chris Evans is the sexiest man in the world

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People magazine named the actor who played Captain America, who takes the tape of his partner Paul Rudd, crowned last year

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Chris Evans is the sexiest man in the world

The cover of the magazine with the distinction

Chris Evans may have put down the Captain America shield, but he's got a new badge of honor: he's been named Sexiest Man Alive by magazine.People.

The choice was announced Monday night on Stephen Colbert's late-night talk show and on the magazine's website. Evans, who played Captain America for nearly a decade in Marvel's many superhero movies, takes over from another member of the Avengers saga, Paul Rudd.

“My mother will be very happy”, said in the interview for the cover of the magazine, which will go on sale on Friday. “She's proud of everything I do, but this is something she can really brag about”.

“If you told a Chris Evans of high school guy who would one day be named PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive, I'd be excited!” the Hollywood star told the magazine in the cover story of this week's issue, in which the announcement was made.

Chris Evans is the sexiest man in the world

For the second year in a row the announcement was made on the Stephen Colbert show

Also, you know that you are likely to receive jokes from your closest friends . “Really, this will be teasing,” he said smiling in the interview. “It lends itself to harassment.”

Among those likely to pick on him are some of his co-stars who have already held the title, such as Rudd, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth. The latter, who plays Thor in the Marvel universe, was the first of the Avengers to receive the annual award that People first awarded to Mel Gibson in 1985.

The list of winners also includes John Legend, Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba, Adam Levine, Richard Gere, Channing Tatum and David Beckham.

People caught up with Evans, 41, on a farm in Georgia where the actor talked about finding a better work-life balance. “The most enjoyable aspect of my career right now is feeling confident enough to take my foot off the gas,” he said.

Chris Evans is the sexiest man in the world

Chris Evans ( EFE/file)

His first film role was in the movie “The New Comers” in 2000, and he played the superhero Johnny Storm, Human Torch, in two “Fantastic Four” films in 2005 and 2007. But fame came to him in 2011 with “Captain America: The First Avenger” (“Captain America: The first avenger”).

Since then, he has played the role of the superhero in 10 Marvel films , and left his shield behind after saving the universe in “Avengers: Endgame” in 2019.

Evans has become a bankable star, voicing the character of Buzz Lightyear in the Pixar film “Lightyear” and playing a sadistic killer trying to kill Reynolds in “The Gray Man.” ), from Netflix, both released this year.

In the interview, the actor indicated that marriage and starting a family are in his future plans. “That's absolutely something I want,” he said, but noted that he doesn't expect to discuss much of his private life in public because “some things you want just for yourself, or just for my family and friends” .

Chris Evans is the sexiest man in the world

Chris Evans poses on the red carpet before the special screening of "The Gray Man" in Berlin, Germany, on July 18, 2022. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

Born in Boston, he maintains his affiliation with the civic engagement website A Starting Point, which he co-founded in 2020.

As he charts the next part of his life and career, he hopes People's recognition will be a milestone.

“This is something that, when I get old and lazy, I'll be able to look back and say, 'I remember when…'” Evans said. “I'm lucky to be in the conversation.”

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