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Chris Christie withdraws from Republican primaries

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Chris Christie criticized “the division and selfishness of what the Republican Party has become under Donald Trump.” (File photo)

Associated Press

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Wednesday he was suspending his campaign to the Republican nomination for the presidential election next November in the United States.

My goal has never been to simply be a voice against the hatred, division and selfishness of what we believe. has become our party under Donald Trump, Mr. Christie said at a public rally in New Hampshire.

I have always said that if there came a time in this race where I did not see a path to achieve this goal, I would withdraw, he added. And it's clear to me tonight that there's no way I'm going to win the nomination; That's why I'm suspending my campaign for President of the United States tonight.

It was not clear whether Mr Christie was immediately backing any of his rivals, but he was heard criticizing former UN ambassador Nikki Haley during x27;a live broadcast organized by his campaign, before the event.

This withdrawal comes as a surprise, given that Mr. Christie had raised hopes in the New Hampshire primary, which will take place on January 23. The Iowa caucuses take place next week, January 15.

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On Tuesday evening again, Chris Christie claimed that he did not ;had no intention of leaving the race and said he was the only candidate willing to take on former President Trump directly.

Ms. Haley's allies, including New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and other anti-Trump Republicans, had urged Mr. Christie to step down, hoping that many of his supporters would flock to the candidate. That could, they say, give him a chance to turn the race into a two-candidate fight with Mr. Trump, the heavy favorite in polls for the nomination.

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Nikki Haley is considered by several Republicans as the only one capable of instigating a two-way fight with Donald Trump. (File photo)

A CNN/UNH poll in New Hampshire, which gave Mr. Christie 12 percent of the vote, found that& #x27;about two-thirds of his supporters would choose Nikki Haley as their second choice.

Mr. Christie was fiercely critical of the former president during the race. In particular, he warned voters against nominating a candidate who has been indicted four times and who could very well be found guilty at the end of one of these trials, of ;here the general elections in November. Mr. Christie also argued that Mr. Trump would lose a potential rematch against President Joe Biden, the likely Democratic nominee.

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