Chosen fires his manager Pedro López after bad start to the season

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  • Escogido fires manager Pedro López after bad start to season

Los Leones del Escogido fired the team's coach, Pedro López, after the scarlet squad's defeats against their city rivals, the Tigres del Licey.

Last Sunday, the Licey defeated the locals. He beat the Leones 6 runs to 1, adding another defeat for El Escogido, who occupies the last place in the standings of the Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic.

< p>The dismissal was confirmed by the team in an official statement.

After yesterday's defeat, the 16-time winter ball champions have a record of 7 wins and 16 losses, having a game less than fifth The tournament's place, the Toros del Este (8-15).

López was announced as the foreman of the Escogido at the end of last April by the franchise's general manager, Luis Rojas.< /p>

Instead of López, the Leones have placed Felipe Rojas Jr. as interim manager, until the team hires its final strategist for the rest of the 2022-2023 fall-winter tournament dedicated to Tomás Troncoso Cuesta In Memoriam.

Rojas Jr., who is in the With the Leones' coaching staff since the 2009-2010 season, he is the club's current bench coach.

In addition to the record, the long-haired are next to last in batting average (.203), last in on-base percentage (.276) and also in slugging (.275). In pitching, they have the third-best ERA (3.43), but rank last in WHIP (1.34).

Another move made by the 1980s. the Baseball Operations Department of the Escogido was the replacement for the batting instructor Rafael Peña. His place will be It will be occupied by Junior Zamora, who until last night was the assistant hitting coach.

Peña will remain in the position. He will work in the organization, in a role that will later be his role. announced by the team.

Experience in Lidom

Prior to the current campaign, López directed the team. the Gigantes del Cibao in the 2017-18 tournament; then, in 2019-20, he was the manager of the Licey.

His experience also includes the Estrellas Orientales, with whom he has worked for a couple of years as a bench coach, including the 2018-19 tournament in which that club won the title. the championship.

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