The Chinese manufacturer Saloon, owned by the Great Wall concern, has patented in Russia an electric Mecha Dragon sedan with an autopilot with different scanners. The machine was created on the basis of the latest technology.

Chinese manufacturer patents Mecha Dragon electric sedan in Russia

Mecha Dragon translated into Russian means: “Mechanical Dragon”. The car was presented in November last year at an exhibition in Guangzhou. Now pictures of transport have been found in the open information database of Rospatent. The machine was equipped with seven video cameras and a dozen ultrasonic sensors for performing various measurements. The electric sedan was released with a processor that can perform trillions of operations per second. The car received power plants with a total capacity of 544 hp. Mecha Dragon can accelerate to 100 km per hour in 3.7 seconds.

The electric car received a power battery, one charge of which is enough to overcome 800 km of the way. The Chinese manufacturer planned to release 101 copies of Mecha Dragon in 2022. The sedan was estimated at 4.4 million rubles.



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