Chinese Championship: Wuhan Hall vs Shanghai SIPG live streaming free

Chinese Championship: Wuhan Hall vs Shanghai SIPG live streaming free

Wuhan Hall vs Shanghai SIPG live streaming free
Wuhan Hall – Shanghai SIPG. Forecast for the Chinese Championship match (September 15, 2020).

On September 15, within the framework of the eleventh round of the Chinese Super League, a meeting of Group B “Wuhan Zall” – “Shanghai SIPG” will take place. The nominal guests have not yet officially formalized their entry into the next stage, but this is a formality, while their opponents face very difficult matches. Who will be stronger in this confrontation? Read about it in our forecast.

Wuhan Zall
“Wuhan Zall” in the last round only miraculously did not take the fifth place in the standings. The team lost an extremely important match to Shijiazhuang with a minimum score, which allowed the opponent to catch up and overtake the club in terms of additional indicators, reaching third place. If Hebei wins over Chongqing Lifang, the intermediate fourth position would instantly turn into fifth. But these guys were lucky, the outsider unexpectedly won for many (3: 1) and himself wedged into the race for the playoffs.

Today, the team needs to perform a miracle to defeat such a formidable opponent. Will you have enough strength?

Shanghai SIPG
“Shanghai SIPG” in recent rounds does not look like a stronghold of reliability, but is there any point in straining yourself when your opponents are lagging behind you? Yes, there is Beijing Guoan nearby, but the Hulk and company seem to be in control.

In the extreme game, the Eagles produced two powerful segments: at the end of the first half and in the opening of the second. And both ended with a goal: in the first case, Arnautovich accepted congratulations, in the second – Hulk. Then the team slowed down, turning on the energy saving mode. Qingdao won one goal in the end, but no more – 2: 1. Will there be a second win in a row?

In the first round, today’s nominal guests were stronger – 2: 1;
Wuhan Zall beat their rival for the first and last time eight years ago (otherwise three draws and six defeats).
Personal meetings
08/12/20 Shanghai SIPG Wuhan Zall 2: 1
07/28/19 Wuhan Zall Shanghai SIPG eleven
05/01/19 Wuhan Zall Shanghai SIPG 13
04/14/19 Shanghai SIPG Wuhan Zall 2: 1

The result of the match is important for both teams. But if Shanghai needs three points to stay first, and Wuhan needs three points to play in the playoffs. That is, the latter will have a little more motivation. And in order to win, you need to score goals.

Our forecast – both will score – yes, with the odds of 1.75 from BC Leon.

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