China’s successful testing of a vaccine against coronavirus in humans

In China informed that the local experts have organized the successful testing of a vaccine against coronavirus in humans. Tests were conducted by the company China National Biotec Group.

В Китае прошло успешное тестирование вакцины против коронавируса на людях

The positive effects demonstrated from two of the test vaccines. Created located in Beijing division of CNBG drug launched safe the body’s production of antibodies to the provoking COVID-19 virus. No less promising were the result of the Wuhan branch. In the UAE, the Chinese company managed to get permission for the final stage of testing. If it is not specified what the vaccine is meant.

Who officials previously briefed that while leadership on creation of drugs against coronavirus have company AstraZeneca and Moderna. Soon, some vaccines can begin the second and third stages of testing. Just as in the world checks are about 200 drugs of applicants.

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