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China's military has achieved its goals during exercises near Taiwan, but is ready for further actions – Ministry of Defense of Beijing

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

China's military has achieved its goals during exercises near Taiwan, but is ready for further actions — Beijing's Ministry of Defense

China has recently conducted large-scale military exercises training after the inauguration of the new president of Taiwan.

The Chinese military has achieved its “expected goals” during a two-day exercise around Taiwan last week, but are ready to take further action if provoked, a spokesman for China's Ministry of Defense said on Thursday (May 30). This is reported by Reuters.

China, which considers Taiwan its territory, held large-scale two-day military exercises  after the inauguration of the island's new president, William Lai, whom Beijing considers a “separatist”.

The exercise by the Chinese People's Liberation Army was a measure to curb Taiwan's independence and separatist activities, as well as a warning against foreign interference, a representative said in Beijing. of the Chinese Ministry of Defense Wu Qian.

“We have achieved our expected goals. We are confident that, despite the turbulence and changes in the external situation, we will easily cope with everything,” he added, promising “stronger countermeasures”. on the part of the military against any further steps by the “separatist” forces.

Although the exercises have formally ended, China's military activity has not stopped: Taiwan reported on Wednesday, May 29, that Chinese military aircraft and ships were conducting joint patrols.

“Pressure from the Chinese Communists comprehensive, especially diplomatic, to Taiwan,” said Taiwan's Foreign Minister Lin Chia-Lung.

He added that Taiwan has faced huge obstacles in its bid to participate in world organization events, such as a major WHO meeting this week.

China says Taiwan is one of its provinces that does not have the right to independence as a separate state.

Ling pointed to other actions by Beijing, such as unilaterally opening new air routes near Taiwan-controlled islands off the Chinese coast and sending coast guard ships to Taiwan's east coast during exercises last week.

“The Chinese Communists continue to change the status quo,” – said Lin. 

The Chinese Ministry of Taiwan Affairs at another press conference on Wednesday repeated its statements that Lai is a dangerous supporter of formal Taiwan independence. , and threatened the continuation of military activity.

Lai's repeated proposals for negotiations were rejected by China. The new president of the island emphasizes that only the people of Taiwan can choose their future. Beijing says that Taiwan is a purely internal matter of China.

China has never ruled out taking Taiwan by force if necessary. CIA Director William Burns stated that the PLA had been ordered to prepare for an invasion of Taiwan by 2027. At the same time, the US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security believes that Beijing will not carry out any serious “aggression” against Taiwan until 2030.

However, Xi made it clear that it is “inevitable” the island's reunification with Beijing cannot be postponed indefinitely.

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