China unveils prototype of small helicopter for Mars exploration…

September 5, 2021 by archyde

China unveils a small helicopter for Mars exploration. Provided by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

China has developed and unveiled a prototype (prototype) of a small helicopter for Mars exploration.

According to a recent major foreign press, China developed a small helicopter for observation purposes for future Mars exploration months ago. According to the image posted by China’s National Space Science Center, the prototype of the helicopter is analyzed to be “similar” to the unmanned helicopter ‘Insanity’ carried by NASA’s Mars rover ‘Perseverance’.

China’s National Center for Space Science said the helicopter would be a tool for China’s subsequent Mars exploration, but did not disclose details. China successfully landed the first Mars rover in May.

China unveils prototype of small helicopter for Mars exploration…

Perseverance and Insanity Imagination. Provided by NASA.

NASA’s unmanned helicopter Insanity made its first flight in April and flew by itself to a height of 3 meters above the surface of Mars. This is the first successful power flight on a planet other than Earth. The density of the atmosphere on Mars is only 1% of that of Earth, so it is an environment that absolutely lacks the lift to keep airplanes flying. NASA scientists succeeded in power-flying by attaching rotor blades that rotate at high speeds to the Insanity.

The helicopter prototype unveiled by China was also composed of two rotor blades, a sensor, and a camera, similar to Injunuity. It is said that there is no solar panel on the top, unlike Ingeruity. China plans to send a manned spacecraft to Mars in 2033.

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