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A fire in a school in China kills 13

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Fire broke out in the dormitory of a school in Henan province, in central China. (Archive photo)

Agence France-Presse

Thirteen people died in a fire in a school dormitory in central China's Henan province, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday.

At 11 p.m. Friday, the local fire department received an alert about a fire in the dormitory of Yingcai School in Yanshanpu Village, the media reported state, adding that one person was injured.

She is currently being treated in hospital and is in stable condition, said New China.

According to this source, emergency services arrived quickly on the scene and the flames were extinguished at 11:38 p.m.

Local authorities opened an investigation to determine the causes of the x27;fire, state media reported.

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Little information is available about the school where the fire broke out on Friday, but videos posted on social media before the fire showed young children – including kindergarten students – dressed in blouses with the school emblem, learning calligraphy.

China Nouvelle did not specify how many children were among the victims.

On Chinese social networks, Internet users expressed their anger on Saturday, calling on the authorities to apply sanctions in the event of non-compliance with security standards.

It's so scary, 13 children from 13 families, all gone in an instant […]. If there is no severe punishment, their souls will not rest in peace, one of them wrote on the Chinese social network Weibo. Accidents occur regularly in China, often due to the poor application of safety standards.

In November, 26 people died and dozens of Others were hospitalized following a fire that broke out in a coal production company building in the northern province of Shanxi.

In Beijing, a fire in a hospital killed 29 people in April, one of the worst disasters to occur in the capital in twenty years.

This fire forced patients to escape through windows by hanging on sheets and to take refuge by perching on air conditioners attached to the facade.

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