China launches mysterious 'spaceplane' into space

China launches mysterious 'spaceplane' into space

China launches mysterious "space plane" into space

Photo: PRC rocket

China has successfully launched an “experimental multiple apparatus” from the Jiuquan Cosmodrome in the Gobi Desert. This was reported by the "Xinhua" agency.

There are very few details about the launch, the apparatus itself and its mission. The agency's report only says that the multiple apparatus was launched into space by the Zhangzheng-2F launch vehicle. (Long March 2F), and the device itself “will stay in orbit for some time, after which it will return to a given landing point in China.” in the “interests of the peaceful uses of outer space”.

Specialists monitoring the Chinese space program say this is the second launch of such a device since 2020, which they call “mysterious”; or “undercover”. 

According to , no photo or video footage has been released by the Chinese authorities regarding the current or pre-launch of the vehicle.

According to may be referring to a “spaceplane” similar in design and concept to the American Boeing X-37 unmanned orbital test aircraft, which first flew in 2010. It has been in orbit for over 800 days.

BAGNET recalls that the PRC is now actively building its own Tiangong orbital station. At the end, the Wentian laboratory module successfully docked to it.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga