China launched Qiankun-1 and Taian satellites into orbit

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China launches Qiankun-1 and Taian satellites

Ceres-1 launch vehicle/Illustrative photo from open sources

China Galactic Energy on Saturday, July 22 successfully launched two space satellites – Qiankun-1 and Taian are in orbit. The company announced this on its WeChat page.

The Lemon Tree mission was launched using a Ceres-1 commercial launch vehicle at 13:07 Beijing time (08:07 Kyiv time) from the Jiuquan Cosmodrome in the Badin-Dzharan desert in the north of the country. It became the sixth carrier of this series, rodrobnosti reported. 

The Qiankun-1 remote sensing satellite will be used to test "key breakthrough technologies for ultra-low orbit and the creation of an advanced aerospace platform".

The Taian satellite, also called Xing Shidai-16, is designed to implement a high-tech computer project of technologies.

Ceres-1 is a solid-propellant four-stage rocket of a light class with a diameter of 1.4 m. It reaches 19 m in length and is capable of launching up to 400 kg of payload into low Earth orbit. Over the entire time, thanks to it, 21 commercial satellites for 12 organizations have been launched.

Beijing is actively developing the national space program, developing both meteorological and telecommunications, navigation satellites, and even technologies for exploring the Moon. Chinese specialists are simultaneously implementing a project to study asteroids and Mars.

BAGNET reminds,  the construction of China's space station, which is ready for international cooperation, has been completed in orbit.

In 2022, China carried out 64 launches, once again breaking its own record. According to this indicator, during this period it took second place after the USA.

Prepared by: Serhii Daga