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China is developing a new light tank for amphibious operations

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024

China is developing a new light tank for amphibious operations

The Chinese defense industry is actively working on the creation of the next generation of light tanks designed for operations in mountainous areas, amphibious landings and dense urban environments.

This initiative aimed at solving the unique challenges of border tensions with India and Taiwan, where traditional heavy tanks are less effective.

The new light tanks are being developed to meet the demands of high-altitude warfare, urban warfare and rapid deployment in amphibious operations. One prototype has already been spotted undergoing testing, indicating progress on this ambitious project.

The new tank is expected to have a crew of two, modular armor and active protection systems. It will also be equipped with a remote-controlled weapons station and possibly a radar system to determine the situation on the battlefield.

It is believed that components of the Chinese Type 15 light tank were used in the development of this new vehicle.

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) was looking for a lighter alternative to the ZTZ-99, aiming to create a tank with a maximum weight of about 40 tons. This new development is consistent with the PLA's strategy to increase its operational flexibility in various combat scenarios.

Natasha Kumar

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