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China has launched its latest military drone near Japan

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

China launched the newest military drone near Japan

Japan has raised fighter jets into the air after the discovery of China's new Wing Loong-10 reconnaissance and strike drone near Okinawa Prefecture.

In Japan, combat fighter jets have taken to the skies after as the new Chinese reconnaissance and strike drone Wing Loong-10 was spotted near Okinawa Prefecture. This is reported by NHK.


It is noted that the Chinese drone was spotted over the East China Sea, north of the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa.

The Ministry of Defense of Japan decided to raise combat aircraft of the country's Air Force to intercept it. However, the UAV, which was flying towards Japan, turned around after a while and flew back along the same route in the opposite direction, towards mainland China.

In Japan, they said that this is the first time that the Chinese army has used the new reconnaissance-strike Wing Loong-10. In addition, the Ministry of Defense of Japan says that this is the fifth type of Chinese military drone launched by the Chinese for reconnaissance near their country.

China launched the newest military drone near Japan

Natasha Kumar

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