China has created the world's strongest stable magnetic field

China has created the world's strongest stable magnetic field

Chinese scientists have set a new world record for the strongest sustained magnetic field ever created on Earth.

China has created the strongest stable magnetic field in the world

The hybrid magnet has managed to create a field of 45.22 Tesla (T), which is more than a million times stronger than our planet.

Reported by the High Magnetic Field Laboratory via Eurekalert.

The record was set at the Sustained High Magnetic Field (SHMFF) Center in Hefei, China, using a hybrid design magnet that has been in operation since 2016. The design includes a resistive magnet located in a 32 mm gap in the center of the superconducting magnet, allowing them to combine forces to create an incredibly strong magnetic field.

The hybrid magnet created a record stationary magnetic field of 45.22 T with an input power of 26.9 MW. Of these, the resistive magnet gave 34.22 T, and the superconducting ring broke off for the remaining 11 T. This beat the previous world record of 45 T, set back in 1999 by MagLab in the USA.

“In order to achieve stronger magnetic fields, we have updated the structure of the magnet and developed new materials. The manufacturing process for the Bitter discs [center magnets] has also been optimized,” said Professor Quang Guangli, Academic Director of the High Magnetic Field Laboratory at SHMFF.

This new record is specifically for a strong magnetic field, but other types reached higher values. In 2019, a similar hybrid plant peaked at 45.5 T, but it was relatively short-lived. In 2018, a Japanese team managed to create a magnetic field with an astonishing 1,200 Tesla for about 40 microseconds before part of the device exploded.

The new permanent magnetic field setup is much more practical, scientists say. It is ready for use in a range of scientific experiments and is available to institutes and universities around the world.