In China, an Apple enthusiast has created the first unofficial iPhone 14 Pro Max with a waterfall screen, which stands out for its heavily rounded side edges. For the sake of this, the enthusiast replaced the bezel of the device in order to install a new display. unofficial iPhone 14 Pro Max with waterfall screen” />

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After the work done, the iPhone 14 Pro Max remained operational. The enthusiast did not say if the Face ID face scanner remained intact. The enthusiast promised to make custom-made smartphones with curved screens for money. An Apple product lover urged to contact him on social networks in order to discuss the nuances regarding the transformation of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The blogger did not say how much money he would charge for replacing the screen. According to preliminary information, he previously worked as an engineer at Apple and Huawei.

The waterfall screen creates a three-dimensional effect. At the same time, the image may be distorted on the edges of such displays. The disadvantages of waterfall screens include the difficulty of sticking protection against physical damage, inconvenience in use, and increased fragility. It will be possible to reduce the risk of damage with the help of 3D glass, which exactly follows the lines of the front panel of the gadget.



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