China conducts training missile launches near Taiwan

China conducts training missile launches near Taiwan

China holds educational rocket launches in the Taiwan area

Launch of Chinese missiles.   China conducts missile training near Taiwan

Taiwan officials say exercises violate UN rules, invade its space and threaten free air and sea navigation

China deployed dozens of aircraft and fired live missiles on Thursday near Taiwan during the largest ever exercise in the Taiwan Strait, the day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a solidarity trip to the island.

The Chinese military has confirmed multiple missile launches in waters off the coast of Taiwan as part of a planned exercise in six zones. The exercises will continue until noon Sunday. The military deployed more than 100 aircraft, including fighters and bombers, and more than 10 warships, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reported.

“The US-Taiwan deal and provocations will only push Taiwan to the brink of disaster, bringing disaster to Taiwan's compatriots. “, – said the representative of the Ministry of Defense of China.

Taiwan said 11 Chinese Dongfeng ballistic missiles were fired in nearby waters for the first time since 1996, while Japan protested that five missiles fell in its economic zone.

Official Taiwanese officials said the exercise violated UN rules, encroached on its space, and threatened free air and sea navigation.

The military action followed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's unannounced visit in support of Taiwan despite China's warnings.

Prior to the official start of the exercise, Chinese navy ships and military aircraft crossed the so-called median line of the Taiwan Strait several times on Thursday morning, a Taiwanese source told Reuters.

By noon, warships from both sides remained in close proximity, Taiwan also took off planes and deployed missile systems to track Chinese planes crossing the line.