China admitted that the balloon that flies over Latin America is its own and says that it went astray because of the weather

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According to the Beijing regime, the airship does not follow its scheduled route due to weather conditions. The passage of the aircraft was detected over Costa Rica, Colombia and Venezuela

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China admitted that the balloon that flies over Latin America is its own and says that it went astray because of the weather

In this photo provided by Brian Branch, a large balloon hovers above the Kingstown, North Carolina area, while an airplane and its trail of trails are visible below. (Brian Branch via AP)

The Chinese regime confirmed Monday that the balloon identified by the United States flying over Latin America is its own, after it a similar device was shot down by the United States last weekend.

The Pentagon claimed on Friday that a second alleged spy balloon from China had been detected flying over Latin America.

The Colombian air force indicated that “an object” with “similar characteristics at those of a balloon” had been detected and monitored “until it left the airspace”.

The air force stated that it was investigating the incident in coordination with other countries and institutions “to set the origin of the object”.

The Chinese government stated that Latin American countries “understand” that the globe does not “represent any threat.” This statement has not been endorsed by any government in the region so far.

“China is always governed by international law, we do not represent a threat to any of those countries and they understand it that way,” said Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Mao Ning at the department's daily press conference.

The countries over which the aircraft's passage has been detected are Costa Rica, Colombia and Venezuela, according to different sources.

According to Mao, the airship “belongs to China”, is used “for civilian flight tests” and “was affected by weather conditions, in addition to its limited maneuverability, which caused its unintentional entry into the airspace of Latin American countries.”

“We have communicated with the relevant parties and we are handling [the matter] properly, and we will not cause any threat to any country,” he continued.

After days of flying over the country, The United States shot down the artifact

Last Friday, Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, announced that the US had detected a second airship, after the one discovered on Thursday in US airspace, but over the skies of Latin America.

China had not commented on the matter. of this second alleged “spy balloon” until Monday.

The discovery of the first of these balloons in US airspace triggered a diplomatic crisis between Washington and Beijing and led to the suspension of a trip to China by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was due to arrive in Beijing on Sunday.

The crisis worsened this Saturday after the US shot down, by direct order of the US President, Joe Biden, the Chinese aircraft that had been flying over the North American country for several days.

China protested the decision of the United States to shoot down the balloon, which, according to Beijing, was of a civilian nature and was it had deviated from course due to the wind.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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